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Women's Surgery Center - Forrest Health
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    Women's Surgery Center

    The Women's Surgery Center at Forrest General Hospital is one of the newest features of our Women and Children's Services. The surgery suite is dedicated to women’s gynecology health and is aesthetically pleasing with a warm and personal environment that is designed to feel more like home.

    This dedicated private area also provides skilled nursing care, pre-operative and post-operative care and convenience, all in one location—a women's specialty hospital within a hospital.

    “It’s a great way for our patients and a more efficient way for me and my partners to provide the care, needs and services because everything is centrally located on one floor.”– Jeff Hudson, M.D., Obstetrics & Gynecology

    Surgeries Offered

    For more on surgical procedures offered at Forrest Health, or how to prepare for surgery, see our Surgical Services.

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