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     NICU WebCam System

    Bonding with your baby is one of the greatest joys of parenting.  For parents of a premature or sick baby, though, bonding is often interrupted as infants are taken to NICU for extended care.

    Forrest General Hospital is committed to being a family centered care facility.  We understand that parents are an important part of the care giving team.  It is with pleasure that we offer this service to our families.  If you have access to the internet, you can see your baby from anywhere.  Webcams do not take the place of visits and the hands-on care parents can provide. The webcam can provide a way for a family to stay connected.  It also provides a way for those that are too small or too far away to see your newest member of your family. 

    How does it work?

    You will be asked to sign a written consent.   You will have a user name and password. Parents are responsible for how the user name and password are shared with others.  The camera is powered on and off by the NICU team caring for your infant.  To view your baby from the webcam system:

    1.  Only parents may call 601-288-3951 and give security band number and password to have the camera turned on.

    2.  Click on your assigned camera link at bottom of this page.

    3.  Enter your user name and password.

    The camera is real time viewing.  NICU Webcam does not store any video or patient information.  Hospital policy does not allow recording or copying this video. 


    1.  Mom can view her baby when she is unable to leave her hospital bed.

    2.  View of infant can be shared with family members too young to come into the NICU.

    3.  Viewing visual image of baby will help mother to increase her milk supply.

    5.  Log in when parents can't be there in person. 

    From the NICU Team:

    1.  Our goal is to have the camera available to you as much as possible.

    2.  Do not be anxious if the camera goes off while you are viewing.  Occasionally, we may need to perform treatments.

    3.  Remember, the view is real time and you may catch your baby smiling, sucking, crying, or even spitting.  At one time or another, all babies do these things.  Over time, we all will get to know your baby's personality.


    NICU Room 1

    NICU Room 2

    NICU Room 3

    NICU Room 4

    NICU Room 5

    NICU Room 6

    NICU Room 7

    NICU Room 8

    NICU Room 9

    NICU Room 10

    NICU Room 11

    NICU Room 12

    NICU Room 13

    NICU Room 14

    NICU Room 15

    NICU Room 16

    NICU Room 17

    NICU Room 18

    NICU Room 19

    NICU Room 4527

    NICU Room 4528

    NICU Room 4529

    NICU Room 4534


    The NICU Webcams have been provided with donations by family and friends of Cecilia C. Duhon and the Forrest General Healthcare Foundation.