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    Mistletoe without Madness: check out these tips to stress less during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season!

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    Let's be honest, the holidays are BUSY! With entertaining, cooking, and traveling it's hard to find some time for yourself. Take an inside look to what Forrest General recommends so you can stress less this holiday season!

    Tip 1: Don't overbook yourself, it's okay to say no!
    Do you find yourself overbooked this holiday season? It’s easy to say yes to every dinner, party, and family gathering. No one wants to miss out on the holiday fun! However, overbooking yourself can leave you rundown throughout the festivities. Try to prioritize your holiday gatherings by spending your time around people who bring you the most comfort and joy.

    Tip 2: Stress less about the mess!
    Does a glitter explosion go off every time you decorate? Holidays are whimsical, but creating your Christmas vision can be hectic! Don’t get overwhelmed with the clutter and mess that comes with decorating. Take it one step at a time until you’re finished! Enjoy the glitter along the way!

    Tip 3: Serve others; get involved in your community.
    Instead of stressing about how to make your home holiday ready, find ways to get involved in your community! Non-profits such as Extra Table are always looking for volunteers to help them through the holiday season! Focus your time on investing in your community!
    To learn more about Extra Table, please visit http://extratable.org/

    To learn more about the City of Hattiesburg, please visit http://www.hattiesburgms.com/

    To learn more about ways to volunteer at Forrest General, please visit https://www.forresthealth.org/

    Tip 4: Make sure to get some silent nights; don't snooze on your sleep.
    Raise your hand if you get a full eight hours of sleep! We can dream, right?  But seriously, choose to go to bed early instead of finishing wrapping gifts, or knocking out a Christmas snack for your child’s Christmas party. Take some time to sleep a little longer than normal, your body will thank you! 

    Tip 5: Don't break the bank, spend smart and stick to a budget.
    Do you get frazzled when holiday shopping? Pick up one thing here, another item there, and the next thing you know you’re over budget! Spend some time shopping holiday deals, utilize free shipping, and plan early! The earlier you plan the less money you’ll spend. You’ll have more time to find the items you really want for your loved ones, instead of rushing just to have a gift under the tree! 

    Tip 6: Focus on family traditions, not meeting expectations.
    20 years from now, you won’t remember the decorations and gifts you bought, but you will cherish the memories with your loved ones. Focus on traditions, not gifts! You want to remember the memories you make with your friends and family; whether you watch holiday movies, decorating cookies, reading Christmas stories or sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace. Live in the moment this holiday season! 

    Tip 7: Give yourself a present, self-care.
    Have you treated yourself this holiday season? In the hustle of the holiday season, we often focus on others rather than ourselves. Whether you enjoy taking a shopping day, spending time with your kids, reading, or going to an exercise class, do it! Take some time to recharge yourself and soak in the little moments. Need to review previous tips? Click on the link below! www.forresthealth.org/stressless

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