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In the new year, Forrest General Hospital's Spirit of Women (SOW) will continue classes for new and expectant mothers but with a special touch. In memory of Madalene Daniell, who provided more than 40 years of Fitness for Two classes in the Pine Belt, classes will now be known as Madalene's Moms. Daniell unexpectedly passed away in August of this year.

"While no one can replace Madalene, we want to continue to offer these classes to Pine Belt women as a tribute to her and to help those women who use our Women and Children's Services," said Millie Swan, Forrest Health vice president. "Madalene touched the lives of so many women and their children and we want to contribute to what she started."

Helping continue what Daniell started is Amanda Sharp, who participated in Daniell's classes as a new and expectant mom, and who often filled as a substitute. Sharp will take over the classes to continue her predecessor's incredible legacy.

"For the last eight years, Madalene was the biggest influence on who I am as a mother to my three sons," said Sharp. "I am honored to be carrying on this wonderful legacy she left for mothers and their little ones in the Pine Belt. Madalene's passing leaves some big shoes to fill. I'm going to do everything I can to honor her memory and make her proud as we move forward with the Madalene's Moms classes."

Registering for Classes

To register for classes, follow the link below! Classes will be $30 for a 6-week session. Additional Eventbrite fees will be added at checkout. 

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Meet Your Mom, Amanda Sharp! 

How long have you been a resident of Hattiesburg?

I have been a resident of Hattiesburg for the last 16 years. I am a University of Southern Mississippi alumni, with a degree in Elementary Education, followed by a Masters Degree in Elementary Education from William Carey University.

How many children do you have?

My husband and I have three sons; Maddox (7),  Brock (3), and Nate (2).

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

During my free time, I love embroidery and making kid's clothes. My favorite is matching my boys. I also really enjoy a good book, spending time outside, and supporting our golden eagles. 

Do you have prior experience teaching classes?

I taught fourth grade prior to coming home with my first son. I have also subbed countless times for all of Madalene's classes.

How do you feel about the start of Madalene's Moms?

I am so thrilled that Forrest General Hospital allowed the opportunity for Madalene's classes to continue. I am in no way trying to replace such an irreplaceable woman, but merely want to ensure her legacy continues. 

Why do you think these classes are important?

The classes that Madalene created are a vital part of our community because they create an environment where new moms feel welcome to be themselves. They allow for engagement between moms walking similar paths to learn together and create special moments during such a precious time in their lives.

How do you want to inspire other moms?

I hope that I am able to inspire other moms to be themselves - who God created them to be. To understand that they are not alone on this journey to motherhood and that they can do the hard things it takes to grow tiny humans.

How important are these classes to both mother and child?

These classes are important to moms as they navigate the new roles of motherhood and develop a much needed community of women in the same seasons. They are also vital to the child as they are given opportunities to interact with others their age, as well as learn group skills such as lines, routines, sharing and being in front of peers. The moms will have "ah-ha" moments as they realize other moms experience the same scenarios as them, as well as have the ability to bounce parenting ideas off of one other.

When did you become involved in Madalene's classes?

I first became involved in Madalene's classes in January of 2014 when my dear friend Lindsay asked me to join her. I was 12 weeks pregnant with my first son. Those are the most precious moments - learning about all of the unknowns I was experiencing as a first time mom, while being surrounded by other pregnant women. My son and I continued in her Mommie & Me classes until he "graduated" at almost 3 years old. I then continued Mommie & Me classes with my other two sons. 

What was it you enjoyed about the classes?

The thing I enjoyed most about the classes was the intentional time I spent with each of my children - focusing on their unique pregnancy and first years, making priceless memories. The community of moms I was able to engage with and get to know on personal levels also had a huge influence on my motherhood journey.

Why is it important to carry on Madalene's legacy with these classes?

Madalene had a vision and heart for the moms in our community over 44 years ago. She created such a legacy. There is absolutely no way I can replace her, but I feel the call to ensure what she created will continue to live on in her honor.

While these classes will be your own, are they modeled after Madalene's classes?

Madalene's Moms will be heavily modeled after Madalene's original classes. She spent years developing a program to cater the needs of pregnant mamas, new moms, toddlers, and postpartum moms. I feel strongly that her model for each class is well thought out for the desired outcome of each class's special needs.

Can participants expect the same type of activities others have taken part in previously?

In Madalene's Moms classes, participants can expect to see the same type of activities others may have taken part of in the past. In the Mommie & Me classes, there will be plenty of engagement for the babies and opportunities for the moms to create lifelong connections. In the pregnancy classes, our main focus will still be to create a confident, pregnant mama who feels safe to voice her thoughts to a community of like peers.

About Our Classes

We offer a variety of classes to fit your needs as a mother. Whether you are expecting your first, or are adding a new addition, check out the classes we offer.

Have questions? Email Amanda Sharp at

  • Pregnancy Exercise
    • In a support group environment, the classes combine stretching, strengthening, and isolation exercises and awareness with education topics such as discomfort releases, labor and delivery preparation, and postpartum recovery.
  • Coach's Corner
    • This one-session class teaches labor and delivery, breathing techniques, and the coach's role through the childbirth experience. The coach and mother-to-be attend together.
  • Mommie and Me: Just Movin'
    • Geared toward the early walkers, often 11 to 22 months old. Children experience activities that will develop physical, mental and social skills.
  • Mommie and Me: The First Year
    • First-year mothers can share stories about their first-year experiences as they learn developmental milestones and fun playtime activities.
  • Mommie and Me: The Toddler Years 
    • This class is perfect for mothers with children aged 13 months to 3 years! It's the perfect launch to pre-school.

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