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Milk Depot - Forrest Health
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    Forrest General's Milk Depot

    Forrest General's milk depot provides mothers and babies with access to human breast milk from a donor. Many times mothers who give birth to premature babies are often in a fragile or critical condition themselves and are unable to breastfeed and provide their babies with the nutrients they need the most. The milk depot gives lactating mothers who wish to donate a convenient drop-off location here in Hattiesburg instead of having to mail a donation.

    What is a milk depot?

    The demand for human donor milk in hospital neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) continues to rise. Some mothers are unable to provide their own breast milk because of a lack of supply or for medical reasons. These mothers rely on donor milk as the primary source for their premature infant’s nutrition.

    Donor milk can save lives

    In June 2015, Jamie Martin donated 13 gallons of breast milk to the milk depot. Read more about Jamie's donation and the importance of access to breast milk.

    Who can donate milk?

    The milk depot at Forrest General is serviced primarily by the Mothers’ Milk Bank in Jackson, Mississippi (MMBM). Women who are currently breastfeeding infants under one year old are eligible to be screened at no charge to become breast milk donors. The milk depot at Forrest General makes it easier for all Hattiesburg-area donors to donate this scarce resource that has life-saving impact.

    How do mothers get the milk?

    The MMBM fills prescriptions written by health care providers for the most fragile babies who need the life-giving and sustaining nutrition of donor human milk to thrive.

    How can I donate?

    For information on how you can donate, call the Forrest General Lactation Department at 601-288-4554. You can also reach us by filling out the contact form and ask for more information on donating to the milk depot.

    About Mothers’ Milk Bank of Mississippi

    The Mothers’ Milk Bank of Mississippi is a non-profit organization whose mission is to accept, pasteurize and dispense donor human milk by physician prescription, primarily to premature and ill infants.

    Mothers' Milk Bank of Mississippi, founded in 2010, is a "developing" milk bank, according to Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) guidelines.

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