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Structural Heart Procedures - Forrest Health
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    Structural Heart Procedures

    Heart surgery doesn't have to be a major procedure that leaves you in recovery for weeks.  Our less invasive heart procedures utilize small incisions instead of the traditional long incision associated with open-heart surgery. This has many benefits for you, including: 

    • Less Blood Loss
    • Less Pain and Scarring
    • Faster Healing and Recovery Times
    • Lower Risk of Infection

    Minimally invasive procedures are life-saving in patients who may not be strong enough for open-heart surgery.

    When you need a heart procedure, ask your doctor if you’re a candidate for one of the minimally invasive treatments we offer:

    • Ablation Techniques
    • Balloon Valuloplasty
    • Left Atrial Appendage Closure
    • Septal Defect and Patent Foramen Ovale Closure
    • Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement
    • Transcatheter Mitral Valve Clip Repair
    • Transseptal Puncture