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Managing Your Treatment - Forrest Health
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    Managing Your Treatment

    Preparing your Treatment Schedule

    After you and your doctor have determined your treatment plan, you will need to work with

    your healthcare team to figure out the dates and times of your treatment and to determine whether the schedule is flexible or must be adhered to very closely. 

    The effectiveness of some treatment plans may depend on how well you follow the scheduled time frames of your treatment. Good communication with your healthcare team is essential as you plan your treatment schedule. Your healthcare team can answer questions about what you should expect during and after your treatment.

    Cancer Patient Navigation

    Forrest Health has launched a new Patient Navigation Program as part of the services at the Forrest General Cancer Center.

    The oncology patient navigator, Ellen Holbrook, RN, provides individualized, patient-centered care for cancer patients. Holbrook helps to identify barriers to care and works to eliminate them by providing education and referrals to ancillary or community resources.

    The oncology patient navigator provides many services to patients such as accompanying them to appointments with their physicians. At appointments, it's easy to become overwhelmed by the volume of health information they receive, making it difficult to remember the information after the appointment. The oncology patient navigator can be available during appointments to offer support and afterwards to explain or answer any questions.

    The goal of this program is to help guide patients and their loved ones through the health care system, both at the cancer center and with other services throughout Forrest Health. Our goal with the program is for patients to feel empowered and able to take control of their care through the whole experience. Call 601-288-1700 for an appointment. 

    Questions to Ask Yourself Before Scheduling Your Treatment:

    • Are there certain days of the week and times that work best for my schedule?
    • Who is going to accompany me to the treatment, and what will be the best days/time for them?
    • Are there any important holidays, work or social activities that I would prefer not to miss?

    Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Team:

    • What specific treatments will I receive, and who will give me the treatment?
    • Will I need a ride home after the treatment?
    • Can a family member or friend accompany me or stay with me during treatment?
    • Do I need to stay in the hospital after treatment?
    • Can you walk me through the treatment? What will happen during it? How will it feel?
    • Will there be immediate or long-term side effects?
    • What things can I do to help myself? Will diet and exercise help?
    • What resources are available to me if I need them?