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Jim and Jordan Wood, Women and Children's Services - Forrest Health
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    Jim and Jordan Wood

    Women and Children's Services

    People say that it’s more difficult to bond with your baby after a c-section because of the surgery and recovery and everything,” said Jordan Wood, RN, and mother of two. Jordan looks at ease sitting in the plush rocker haloed by the swaths of soft pink in the nursery. She smiles as she looks down at 4-week-old Eleanor and says, “I didn’t feel that way at all especially since I decided to breastfeed. I can continue bonding with her through the first year of her life by nurturing her and being her main source of nutrition.”

    Eleanor Wood was born on December 7, 2015 at 7:50 a.m. at Forrest General Hospital, where she never left her parents’ sides. After Jordan’s c-section, she was able to spend some time with her new baby before Eleanor and Jim, Jordan’s husband, went back to the Labor and Delivery room to wait for Jordan. “I got to look at her, and they took her over to dry her off and do all the measurements. At her birth, I got to see all of that. I was in a position where I could just turn my head and watch. It was really a sweet moment; I cried the whole time,” Jordan said.

    In the Labor and Delivery room, Jim had the opportunity to spend a few minutes alone with his new daughter. He said, “It was a really special moment. Jordan was still finishing up the surgery so they took me and the baby back to the Labor and Delivery room. It was just us. I was sitting in the chair holding her, rocking her, and talking to her. You know, introducing myself. It was neat getting to have that Dad-daughter experience.”

    Everything with the c-section had gone as planned, and once Jordan’s doctor had finished with her sutures, Jordan joined her family in the Labor and Delivery room. “Right after the staff finished my surgery, I came into the room, and the nurse helped me facilitate skin-to-skin with her,” Jordan said. She continued, “I had to lay flat right after the c-section; they couldn’t let me sit up. Even so, the nurses made it such an easy process. You carry a baby for 9 months, longing to hold her. With skin-to-skin, she seemed so comforted and calm. It was as though she wanted that moment, too.”

    Jordan had chosen to breastfeed her first child, Lucy, so she knew that she wanted to have that experience with Eleanor because of the continued bonding and health benefits. She depended on her nurse for some guidance with Eleanor’s first feeding. Jordan still had to remain lying flat because of her c-section, but that was not a problem.

    “My nurse positioned Eleanor perfectly so that she could latch with me lying down. Then even through post-partum, people were coming to watch her nurse and make sure we were both comfortable. It wasn’t just about her eating; it was about making sure the whole positioning was good,” Jordan explained.

    Once everyone was comfortable, the staff left the family alone together for some quiet time after an exciting morning. Jordan said, “Being just the three of us for the first two hours of her life was beautiful. It was one of the greatest and most memorable experiences we’ve ever had. Forrest General did a really good job of fostering intimacy as soon as she was born.”

    Throughout Jordan’s stay at Forrest General, Eleanor never left the room. “Her being in the room the whole time made us feel like we were all one patient. Even the hearing test was done in the room. It made us feel at ease; being separated from your baby after you have them is not a relaxing feeling," Jordan said.





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