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Wash, Protect, Prevent - Forrest Health
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    Protecting Yourself and Others from Infection

    Wash, Protect, Prevent

    Forrest Health is committed to the fight against community and hospital-associated infections. Simple methods can help stop the spread of these infections, both in the hospital and at home, and protect you against potentially-fatal illnesses. You can do your part to stop the spread of germs by practicing the following good habits:  

    • Practice good hand hygiene by washing your hands frequently.
    • Wash your hands before and after preparing food or eating.
    • Always wash your hands after visiting a restroom.
    • Cover your mouth or nose with a tissue or your upper sleeve when you cough or sneeze, especially during cold and flu season.
    • If visiting someone who is sick or in the hospital, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before entering and when leaving a patient's room.
    • Avoid touching anything used to care for someone who is sick.
    • Eliminate germs at home by using disinfectants such as sprays and wipes to clean surfaces often.
    • Do not visit the hospital if you are sick or have an infected wound.