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Pastoral Services - Forrest Health
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    Pastoral Services

    Forrest Health's Pastoral Services provides pastoral visitation and counseling for all patients requesting its services. Hospitalization provides time for reflection, which often brings forth hopes and fears. This reflection is normal and can be a time for spiritual growth.

    Information for Visiting Clergy

    Forrest Health respects all patients' rights to complete privacy during each hospital admission. In an effort to honor our patients' right to complete confidentiality, we encourage our patients to contact their own church, synagogue, or other place of worship to inform their own clergy of each hospital admission. This is the best way to insure our patients' spiritual needs are met while in the hospital.

    Forrest General


    Our chaplains are dedicated to helping meet the immediate spiritual needs of our patients and their families in hopes of encouraging "holistic" recovery and positive clinical outcomes. The Pastoral Services department and our chaplains are available to all patients and family members who request spiritual care during their hospital admission. Spiritual resources are available on request, including devotional literature, "Chaplains' Corner", Gideon New Testaments and other materials.

    To schedule a visit from one of our hospital chaplains, please call 601-288-4227 or e-mail Daily Devotionals can also be heard by calling 601-288-4341.

    Woullard Chapel

    Woullard Chapel is located at Forrest General on the first floor, directly across from the main elevators. The chapel is open 24 hours a day and offers a place for patients, staff and visitors to meditate and pray.

    Jefferson Davis


    Visits from a pastor are available by request.


    The chapel at Jefferson Davis Community Hospital is located on the first floor and is open to patients and families.



    If a patient requests a visit from the clergy, it is recommended that their pastor be contacted. If he or she is unavailable or the patient has no pastor, our Social Services Director will call from a roster of local ministers (based on patient’s choice of church affiliation) who are willing to visit with patients, as the need arises.


    The chapel is located on the first floor just outside the Front Lobby of the hospital, and is open to patients and families.



    Our chaplain visits with all patients and families on a daily basis.