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    Nominate someone to be featured on Fox23's Kindness in Action!

    In every corner of our community, there are people and organizations who spread kindness through their daily actions and lifestyle. We want to share their stories, and we need your help! Do you know someone who goes out of their way to help a neighbor, puts others before themselves or is motivated to make the Pine Belt a better place? If so, submit their story to be featured on our weekly Kindness in Action segment on Fox23.


    How it works:

    When you submit a story of an organization or individual to be featured, they will get an email letting them know someone has submitted their information. We will read through the stories and follow up with the person if they have been chosen for the feature. You may nominate yourself. 


    Who can submit a story?

    Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to submit a story about someone else in the Pine Belt area.


    Who can be featured?

    Any person or group who’s “kindness” acts benefit the Pine Belt area. The segment is focused on the local area and is meant to inspire people to find ways to spread kindness in their community. The featured individual or group does not have to be over 18, so children can be featured. A person or group can only be featured once.