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Discharge Pharmacy - Forrest Health
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    Discharge Pharmacy

    As an added convenience for our patients and families, were offering bedside delivery of prescriptions upon discharge. This means you will not have to make a pharmacy stop on their way home after being discharged from the hospital. As a result, patients leave the hospital with medications in-hand and are able to take the medications without delays or interruptions. 

    How to use the discharge pharmacy: 

    1. Let your physician know at discharge you want to order your prescriptions from the discharge pharmacy. 

    2. Upon discharge, a courier will deliver the prescription to your hospital room. 

    3. Payments are due upon prescription delivery

    4. Payments accepted are: Cash, check and credit/debit cards. Please note that we cannot add the charge to your hospital bill. 

    5. A consultation with a pharmacist is available to address any questions patients and caregivers may have. 

    Most commercial insurance plans are accepted, and the copay will be the same as with retail pharmacies. We can fill prescriptions for less than a retail pharmacy. Tell your physician you want us to fill your prescriptions, and we can let you know what it will cost before making a decision. 

    After discharge, the patient can return for refills if they choose. However, most will want to use their regular pharmacy. The bottle can be taken to the retail pharmacy of their choice, and that pharmacy can call Forrest General Employee/Outpatient Pharmacy to transfer the prescription.

    The discharge pharmacy service is available 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday–Friday. For more information, call 601-288-4272.