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CMO Insurance Agency - Forrest Health
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    Care Management Organization Insurance Agency

    The Care Management Organization (CMO) Insurance Agency is a division of Forrest General Hospital and Hattiesburg Clinic. We offer a variety of Medicare and individual health insurance plans based on your needs. Our goal is to inform you about the best options, and help you find the plan that suits your needs. 

    Free Consultations with No Obligations 

    If you would like a free consultation, one of our licensed agents will meet with you, either in our office or in your own home, to review your current situation and help you get the most from your insurance dollar. To schedule a consultation, call 601-288-8115, or 1-888-558-3425 (toll-free).  

    Quote Estimate Tool 

    Use our free quick estimate tool to see what your lowest premium option could be.

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    Options Available:

    • Medicare Supplemental Plans
    • Medicare Advantage - HMO Plan
    • Medicare Advantage - PPO Plan
    • Prescription Drug Plans
    • Health Insurance Marketplace Plans
    • Individual Health Plans
    • Cancer Plans
    • Dental Plans

    YOU Choose the Plan That Fits Your Needs

    Medicare Supplemental Plans: YOUR CHOICE of Hospitals and Doctors when you choose our Medicare Supplemental Plans – We offer several different plans that allow you to use the physician or hospital of your choice.

    Medicare Advantage – HMO Plan: Looking for a low- or no-premium plan that may include a Medicare-approved Prescription Drug Plan? You may want to look at our Medicare Advantage HMO Plan – This type plan could save you money, yet still take care of your Medicare health needs.

    Medicare Advantage – PPO Plan: Or, you may be interested in a Medicare Advantage PPO Plan with an open network of providers, also including a Medicare-approved Prescription Drug Plan. Without a premium for a Supplemental Plan or a Prescription Drug Plan, there is the potential to lower your monthly premium cost.

    Medicare-Approved Prescription Drug Plans: We can assist you in reviewing Medicare- Approved Prescription Drug Plans to help you determine which plan is best for you.

    Individual Health Plans: In addition, we offer Individual Health Plans, plans for family members who are not yet eligible for Medicare, as well as Cancer and Dental Plans, plans that provide great benefits with low monthly premiums and are available to anyone. 

    Contact Us

    106 Madison Plaza, Suite A

    Hattiesburg, MS 39402


    Attend a Medicare Seminar

    CMO Insurance Agency offers free seminars to educate the public on medicare several times a month at various Forrest Health locations across the Pine Belt. 

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