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Walthall General - Services - Forrest Health
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    Walthall General Hospital offers the following services:

    Emergency Services

    Our Emergency Department is classified as a Level IV Emergency Department and Trauma Center. The ED offers emergency health services 24 hours a day to patients of all ages. The department is responsible for the immediate treatment of any medical or surgical emergency, for initiating life-saving measures, including chronic medical problems, minor injuries, and illnesses. The ED includes a total of 5 beds and is staffed 24 hours a day by qualified physicians and nursing staff. Emergency and trauma cases that need a higher level of emergency care are transferred to Forrest General Hospital. Patients are transferred by ambulance or air ambulance, depending on the condition.

    Imaging and Radiology

    Provides x-ray, ultrasound, CAT scan and outpatient MRI. Also provides Endoscopy services such as colonoscopy and upper GI.


    Inpatient hospitalist care as well as IV antibiotics, IV fluids, blood transfusions, and other medication administration.

    Rehabilitation Services

    Provides inpatient and outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

    Respiratory Therapy

    Offers EEGs, EKGs, stress tests, arterial blood gas studies, and breathing treatments.

    Rural Health Clinic

    Services provided include medical emergency procedures as a first response to common life-threatening injuries and acute illness, along with routine health care maintenance, minor surgical procedures, administrative health care examinations, diagnostic and therapeutic services and supplies and other services provided consisting of primary medical care.

    Skilled Nursing Unit

    Swing Bed Services are available to provide care to those individuals who need extended care beyond their acute care stay for physical therapy, nursing, and other skilled care.

    Wound Healing Center

    The Wound Healing Center specializes in the treatment and management of complex problem wounds.

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