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TOI-Orthopedic Services - Forrest Health
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    Orthopedic Services

    From knee replacements to broken bones, from planned to unplanned procedures, Forrest Health's Orthopedic Services team is always prepared.

    For patients needing a joint replacement, such as a hip, knee or shoulder, or surgery on their hand, foot, ankle, spine, or for a sports injury, The Orthopedic Institute is their one-stop location. As the only freestanding orthopedic hospital in the region, The Orthopedic Institute offers a level of inpatient and outpatient care that is unmatched in the Southeast.The facility allows patients to avoid the traditional hospital experience by providing for their every need in one convenient location focused on orthopedic care.

    Most orthopedic care through Forrest Health is provided at The Orthopedic Institute. However, trauma procedures and some inpatient procedures may be performed at Forrest General Hospital.

    Your One-Stop Location for Orthopedic Care

    When you're a patient at The Orthopedic Institute, you'll experience the convenience of having everything in one place. The facility features dedicated orthopedic operating rooms, pre-operative and recovery rooms, as well as support services such as laboratory and diagnostic imaging services. Rehabilitation can also be done at The Orthopedic Institute with specialized therapists. The Orthopedic Institute combines the latest technology with expert, caring physicians and staff to offer services that match the highest levels of orthopedic care delivered across the country.

    The Orthopedic Institute

    Forrest Health is home to the region's only stand-alone orthopedic hospital — The Orthopedic Institute. This unique facility enhances the patient experience by providing orthopedic patients with everything they need, from labs and support services to therapy and rehabilitation, all in one location.

    Specially-designed Rooms with Assistive Equipment

    Unique features include spacious rooms with wider doorways, beds and chairs designed for orthopedic patients, more space for family and belongings, windows for natural light and elegant decorative touches that make it feel more like home. All areas of the facility received equal customization and planning to optimize care for orthopedic patients.

    Physical Therapy

    Joint Camp, a physical therapy program dedicated to the evaluation and recovery of joint replacement patients, provided in a spacious, highly equipped room centrally located to all patient rooms.

    Laboratory and Diagnostic Imaging Services

    Laboratory and Diagnostic Imaging Services are on-site at The Orthopedic Institute, making access more convenient for patients with limited mobility before and after surgery.


    The following procedures are performed at The Orthopedic Institute:

    Orthopedics Video Library

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