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    The Family Birth Center

    The Family Birth Center at Highland Community Hospital in Picayune provides a family-centered option for your childbirth experience in Pearl River County.

    When you choose to have your baby at Highland Community Hospital, you can be assured that you're choosing a relaxing and calming atmosphere with the most skilled physicians and staff, right here at home.

    Labor and Delivery Suites

    • Private labor and delivery rooms with birthing beds, surgical suites and a recovery room.
    • Labor, delivery and recovery occur in the same room for your comfort and ease of transition.
    • We welcome birthing coaches, and they may stay with you throughout labor and delivery.

    What to Bring

    Labor Items:
    lip balm, lotion and

    hard candy

    Personal Items: two

    nightgowns, robe, slippers,

    deodorant, toothbrush,

    toothpaste, shampoo,

    support bras, panties and

    your "going home"outfit.

    Baby Items: baby blanket,

    federally approved rear-

    facing car seat, baby

    book and baby outfit

    (Remember that

    nightgowns are difficult

    to manage in a car seat)

    Postpartum Rooms

    • Postpartum rooms create a soothing atmosphere with all the comforts of home. The unit includes larger rooms to encourage family bonding, as well as allow the staff to continue providing family-centered patient care.
    • At The Family Birth Center, we care for infants and their mothers together. This is "couplet" care, and it enhances bonding between the mother, baby and the family.
    • Postpartum is the time when your family begins to bond, and it is a time for you and your newborn to stabilize after delivery. During postpartum, you may experience a range of emotions due to changes which occur following childbirth. Rest is important during the postpartum period, and our staff is here 24/7 to accommodate your needs during this time.
    • The Family Birth Center staff will also help you with breastfeeding techniques, and other aspects of your newborn's care such as holding, feeding, bathing and dressing.

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