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    Our Services

    When it comes to caring for you and your family, you want the best healthcare options available. With Highland Community Hospital, you'll receive extraordinary care for all your needs, from family medicine to more serious conditions and treatment.

    Our physicians and staff are here to support you, answer your questions and provide you with a level of care that promotes a healthy life. Browse our services to learn more about the level of care available at Highland Community Hospital.

    Cardiac Services

    Highland Community Hospital recognizes the threat of heart disease for the people of Pearl River and Hancock counties and has made an investment to combat this serious disease.

    The Cardiopulmonary Department features state-of-the-art technology and offers:

    • Cardiology Services - a satellite clinic located at Highland Community Hospital featuring the services of Hattiesburg Clinic cardiologists
    • Diagnostic Services
    • Monitored exercise for cardiac and pulmonary patients

    A team of cardiologists supervise and interpret diagnostic work-ups; however, cardiac care involves many different health care professionals. For each patient to reach their goals, the patient's interdisciplinary team may include professionals such as respiratory therapists and dietitians.


    Highland Community Hospital's Emergency Department is one of the main gateways to the hospital. The Emergency Department is conveniently located on the west side of the hospital. Highland's professional health care team provides efficient and effective care for every type of illness, injury and trauma. If the need arises, patients may be transferred to Forrest General's Emergency Department or Trauma Center.

    A nurse screens patients based on their clinical symptoms and needs. Whether emergent or non-urgent, patients are seen by either a competent, caring physician or nurse practitioner to evaluate their specific needs and direct their personal plan of treatment.

    As a member of the statewide trauma system and a partner of Forrest General Hospital, Highland is able to arrange for complex specialized care in an organized and timely manner. As a dedicated staff of emergency physicians, nurses and allied health care professionals, Highland's medical team is trained and ready to respond to meet the unique needs of each patient.

    Hospitalist Program

    A hospitalist is a physician who will act as a primary physician accepting patients who do not have a local primary care physician.

    A Hospitalist doctor will be physically in the hospital for 12 hours a day; and is on call after hours. If a patient cared for in the emergency room needs to be hospitalized but their primary care physician is not on staff at Highland, the patient can be admitted to the care of the Hospitalist physician rather than leave town.

    Intensive Care Unit

    Highland Community Hospital's Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a multipurpose unit designed and equipped for the intensive treatment of critically-ill patients. The primary goal of the ICU staff is to deliver quality care to the critically-ill patient. The unit is staffed by registered nurses, respiratory therapists and care technicians.

    Up-to-date technology, skilled care providers and an interdisciplinary approach to promoting positive patient outcomes, provide for total and complete patient care.


    Many of the diagnostic and treatment choices a doctor makes are based on laboratory results. Highland Community Hospital's lab provides those services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many results can be available in a very short time - often within minutes - to assist doctors in making timely decisions regarding a patient's care. Some studies are complex and require more time - maybe even a special lab. When necessary, Highland's lab will arrange to have specimens sent to the appropriate reference lab.


    Highland Community Hospital provides the community with an accredited magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) service. Accreditation assures a superior quality MRI scan will be performed by highly qualified technologists and interpreted by radiologists specially trained in MRI interpretation. Highland's fully-equipped service combines a comfortable environment and convenience with state-of-the-art digital technology.

    Physical Therapy

    Highland Community Hospital's physical therapists perform comprehensive assessments and work with the patient's primary care providers to design and provide a treatment plan targeted to their specific needs. On each visit, the patient's progress is evaluated and the treatment plan is adjusted as needed to assure maximum recovery. Highland's therapists are skilled in providing care for a wide range of problems and ages.

    Respiratory Therapy

    Highland Community Hospital's respiratory therapists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide emergency and continuing care for patients with acute and chronic breathing disorders. The therapists at Highland are skilled in providing treatments for a full range of respiratory problems for all ages.

    Therapists can also provide advice and education on managing illness at home and can assist patients in securing equipment for home when necessary.


    Although we do take X-rays, radiology at Highland Community Hospital is far more than just X-rays. It's a full-range of imaging services, including ultrasound, nuclear medicine and the digital CAT scanner.

    Ultrasound uses sound waves to visualize internal organs. Nuclear medicine provides images to evaluate body system performance by using various contrast substances. The recently upgraded digital CAT scanner constructs 3-D pictures of any part of the body.

    These images provide valuable information in determining a precise diagnosis for physicians to use in determining treatment plans. Staff radiologists interpret every study and provide reports to physicians in a timely manner. This assures that the patients receive exams and interpretations equal to those they would get anywhere.

    Swing Bed Program

    Highland has a 10-bed swing bed program available to patients who are not able or strong enough to return to everyday living after a hospital stay. Swing bed is the term Medicare uses to describe a hospital room that can switch from acute care status to skilled care status. The actual room does not change; what changes is the level of care the patient in that room receives. Keeping the patient in the hospital to provide skilled nursing care and physical rehabilitation services gives them extra time and care needed to recuperate and recover before returning home. 


    Highland Community Hospital's surgical staff stands ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide surgical care in an emergency. Surgical services are also available for a wide range of scheduled inpatient and outpatient procedures. Highland also offers several plastic surgery procedures. Nurses, as the eyes and ears of the doctors, are on duty 24 hours a day to assess a patient's needs, communicate with doctors, and administer care and treatment.

    Surgery and Urology Procedures Available 

    Highland surgical services are available for a wide range of scheduled inpatient and outpatient procedures.


    • Hernia
    • Gallbladder/Appendix
    • Intestine perforation
    • Upper endoscopy (EGD)
    • Bowel tumors
    • Ostomy reversal 


    • Screening mammogram
    • Breast cancer/lump removal 


    • Lumps and cancers 


    • Skin cancers
    • Abscess drainage
    • Port-a-Cath placement and removal 
    • Soft tissue lumps - Lipoma, sebaceous cyst
    • Hidradenitis Suppurativa
    • Pilonidal sinus excision 


    • Rectal pain and bleeding
    • Screening colonoscopy 
    • Hemorrhoid removal
    • Colon cancers
    • Diverticulitis 

    The Richard Hopkins Surgical Story 

    Women and Children's Services

    Baby-Friendly Designation

    Since 2019, Highland has achieved the international baby-friendly designation. This means that we are giving you the highest quality of care, as well as the knowledge and resources for our moms and their babies.


    At Highland Community Hospital, the fight against breast cancer has a high-tech weapon in its arsenal. GE Systems Senographe 1000 is an FDA-approved mammography system for the screening and diagnosis of breast cancer.

    Waiting for results can be stressful. Highland prides itself on the response time, from the exam to the report to the physician...all to minimize wait time. The mammography service at Highland is certified by both the American College of Radiologists and the State of Mississippi. The annual certification confirms that the service maintains high standards of quality, providing patients the best care available.


    Highland Community Hospital provides inpatient pediatric services as well. Each room has accommodations for a parent to stay with the child during their hospitalization. Nurses dedicated to the unit provide care 24 hours a day. All the services of the hospital including respiratory, lab, and imaging are available to our smallest patients if and when they need them.

    The Family Birth Center

    The Family Birth Center at Highland Community Hospital in Picayune provides a family-centered option for your childbirth experience in Pearl River County. When you choose to have your baby at Highland Community Hospital, you can be assured that you're choosing a relaxing and calming atmosphere with the most skilled physicians and staff, right here at home.

    Labor and Delivery Suites

    • Private labor and delivery rooms with birthing beds, surgical suites and a recovery room.
    • Labor, delivery and recovery occur in the same room for your comfort and ease of transition.
    • We welcome birthing coaches, and they may stay with you throughout labor and delivery.

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    Employment Policy: It is the policy of Forrest Health to recruit and select candidates for employment without regard to race, color, sex (including sexual orientation and gender identity),
    religion, national origin, age, disability or other status protected by applicable federal or state statutes.

    A Board of Trustees appointed by the Forrest County Board of Supervisors is charged with the oversight of Forrest Health. The system is completely self supporting and does not operate on local taxes.
    Forrest Health facilities are approved by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for participation in Medicare and Medicaid Programs.