Published on June 28, 2022

Forrest General Hospital Welcomes New Group of Residents as Seven Graduate

Doctors completing the Residency program are, from left, Christopher Rawls, MD; Shomari Thompson, MD; Meghan Webb, MD; Rachael Hudson, DO; Sarah Hudson, MD, faculty; Terra Parker, DO; Adam Purvis, DO; John Lloyd Martin, DO

New residents in the Family Medicine Residency program include, front row from left, Hannah Ramsey, DO; Kaitlyn Warren, DO; Jamie Lou Goodwin, MD; back row, Bahaa Abdelqader, DO; Meghan Cule, MD; Skot Neilson, DO

Hattiesburg, Miss. — (June 28, 2022) Forrest General Hospital’s sixth group of doctoral students completed their three-year residency with Forrest General Hospital’s Family Medicine Residency and have accepted full-time medical positions. As these graduates completed their studies, the healthcare network is also welcoming its seventh class of residents. The new class of six students begin their residency on July 1 and will graduate in June 2025.

These doctors will practice at the Forrest General Hospital Family Medicine Residency Clinic located on the first floor of Hattiesburg Clinic and will rotate through many clinical departments throughout the three-year program. Additionally, the residents have an inpatient service allowing them to admit patients into the hospital as necessary and continue to provide them care.

New Residents include:

  • Bahaa Abdelqader, Queens, NY, New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Meghan Cule, Savannah, GA, University of Queensland School of Medicine
  • Jamie Lou Goodwin, McComb, MS, University of Mississippi Medical Center
  • Skot Neilson, Logan, Utah, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Hannah Ramsey, Hattiesburg, William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Kaitlyn Warren, Purvis, William Carey University of Osteopathic Medicine

Forrest General Hospital created this residency program in response to the growing number of retiring primary care physicians in the Pine Belt area. The retirement rate coupled with the low number of physicians staying in the state after completing their residencies had resulted in a shortage of family medicine doctors in Mississippi. According to the Office of Mississippi Physician Workforce (OMPW), 33.7 percent of all in-state physicians are over the age of 60, and 50 percent of family physicians in Mississippi are over age 60.

This year’s class of FMRC graduates includes:

  • Rachael Hudson, DO, will be joining the Hattiesburg Clinic-Orleans Park Clinic
  • John Lloyd Martin, DO, will be joining the Hattiesburg Clinic-Bellevue Clinic
  • Terra Parker, DO, will be joining the Hattiesburg Clinic-Columbia Clinic
  • Adam Purvis, DO, will be joining the Hattiesburg Clinic-Ellisville Clinic
  • Christopher Rawls, MD, will be joining the Hattiesburg Clinic-Purvis Clinic
  • Shomari Thompson, MD, will be joining the Hattiesburg Clinic-Pine Street Clinic
  • Meghan Webb, MD, will be joining Anderson Hospital Airport Road Clinic in Philadelphia, MS

Dr. Rambod Rouhbakhsh, program director for the Resident Program, noted that this sixth class of residents started about the time “that an unknown virus was jumping from an animal host to a human host in Wuhan, China, unbeknownst to us, and landing on our shores in March 2020.” This class diagnosed the first cases of COVID-19, helped set up and run the first COVID-19 diagnostic and treatment center in the state of Mississippi, and contributed to the fundamental knowledge by reviewing what was out there for doctors, the communit, and others to look at.

“This class referred their patients into clinical trials when we had the only clinical trial site between Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana to get a vaccine for COVID-19,” Rouhbakhsh said, “and contended with everything stopping, moving things to Zoom, doing telemedicine, and still trying to get their numbers, which they did. They got all their numbers in person with telemedicine. There are very few programs in the nation that were able to meet those numbers with both in-person and telemedicine combined. They did all of this while continuing to learn, build a family, and build a community. Even in residency, they continued to be the do-gooders. Every single person in this graduating class is either practicing in or near their hometown or in their adopted hometown of Hattiesburg, so that’s a very good thing. That is a very big success for us.”

During graduation ceremonies June 23 at Southern Oaks, graduates were recognized with awards. Those include:

  • Pediatric Medicine Resident of Year – Meghan Webb, MD
  • Emergency Medicine Resident of Year (tie) – Adam Purvis, DO
  • Emergency Medicine Resident of Year (tie) – John Lloyd Martin, DO
  • Heindl/Raush Service to Residency – Terra Parker, DO
  • FMRC Resident of Year – Christopher Rawls, MD

The Forrest General Hospital Family Medicine Residency is a community-based program built on a reputation of inspiring world-class care. In an environment both nurturing and challenging, residents gain direct guidance and shoulder-to-shoulder experience with a seasoned team of physicians and staff.

The program’s faculty and staff hope at least 50 percent of each group of residents will choose to stay in the Pine Belt area preventing a future shortage of primary care providers. At that rate, the program will help supply the community with 30 primary care physicians every 10 years.

Residents at the Family Medicine Residency Clinic are accepting new patients of all ages. For more information about the Forrest General Family Medicine Residency program, visit To schedule an appointment with the Family Medicine Residency Clinic, call 601-579-3300.

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