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Forrest General Hospital Names Spirit Girls for Upcoming Year - Forrest Health
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    Published on June 22, 2022

    Forrest General Hospital Names Spirit Girls for Upcoming Year

    HATTIESBURG, Miss. (June 22, 2022) The 2022-2023 Spirit Girls, a program which is part of Forrest General Hospital’s Spirit of Women, welcomes 117 young ladies to the opportunities and fun offered by this program.

    Spirit Girls is designed to reach young women through events targeted at promoting self-esteem and encouraging healthy lifestyles. 

    Spirit Girls participate in a wide range of activities and community service projects for organizations such as The Claiborne, Hattiesburg Zoo, The Lamar County libraries, The ARC, and The Miss Hospitality program. Spirit Girls also participate in Spirit of Women events.

    The young ladies selected are in grades 7 through 12 and reside in Forrest General's 19-county service area which includes the following counties: Covington, Forrest, George, Greene, Hancock, Jasper, Jefferson Davis, Jones, Lamar, Lawrence, Marion, Pearl River, Perry, Pike, Simpson, Smith, Stone, Wayne and Walthall.

    The program offers an opportunity for young ladies to learn the importance of taking action for their health and giving back to the community. The hours of community service contributed through various events provide a chance to make lasting contributions to their community as well as lasting friendships.

    “The goal of our Spirit of Women program is to empower women with information so they can make healthy choices for themselves and their families,” said Millie Swan, Forrest Health vice president. “We feel it is important for young ladies to develop healthy habits and start making good decisions early in their lives. The Spirit Girls program gives young ladies the opportunity to give back to the community, participate in fun events and at the same time, focus on education and important issues, which we hope helps them to mature into healthy and informed young women.”

    During the school year, the Spirit Girls also host and assist with events to help them develop a broader perspective and lifelong social skills while contributing to the community.

    “I am thrilled for the upcoming year of Spirit Girls and am looking forward to the volunteer events that we have planned,” said Spirit Girls Coordinator, Macy Knight. “We have an awesome group of girls who I know will do amazing things this year. I have spoken to many of the girls since interviews, and I know they cannot wait to begin serving and making an impact in their community!”

    Spirit of Women is a national network of American hospitals and healthcare providers that ascribe to the highest standards of excellence in women’s health, education, and community outreach.

    With more than 8,800 members, Forrest General is the exclusive Spirit of Women hospital for Mississippi, having attained Premier status in recognition of strong efforts in moving women to take action for their health!

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    2022-2023 Spirit Girls include:

    Central Baptist School

    Lily King

    Takia Myers


    Columbia High School

    Sheridan Shoemo


    East Marion High School

    Janasia Aaron


    Gateway Christian Academy

    Mariah Galloway


    Hattiesburg High School

    Laila Esters

    Wynter Fairley

    Mackenzie Somersall


    Heritage Home School

    Millie Harris



    Avery Borbash

    Kennedi Sparkman


    N.R. Burger Middle School -- Hattiesburg

    Amaria Bowie

    North Forrest Middle School

    Alia Parhm


    Northeast Jones High School

    Caedence Hodge


    Oak Grove High School

    Karsyn Brown

    Blakely Byrd

    Claire Christensen

    Kailyn Cunningham

    Molly Morgan

    Alaynna Patterson

    Alexia Robinson

    Laila Russell

    Kathryn Scharwath

    Maggie Stevens

    Hayleigh Taylor

    Madison Thomas

    Katy Weir

    Campbell Wood


    Oak Grove Middle School

    Julianna Hampton


    Petal High School

    Josie Adamo

    Sandra Bullock

    Matalyn Butler

    Mckenzie Cochran

    Ali Dumas

    Sadie Knight

    Abby Lawson

    Grace Lofton

    Meredith Maksi

    Hannah Pipkins

    Paige Rehm

    Presley Rehm

    Ella Brooke Seymour

    Lauren Smith

    Meagan Walker


    Petal Middle School

    Brennen Cook

    Rachel Pipkins


    Poplarville High School

    Kiley Cuevas


    Presbyterian Christian School

    Lana-Blue Adams

    Milly Blair

    Madeline Carter

    Kate Cooley

    Stella Claire Dews

    Sterling Dews

    Addie Dayne Gregg

    McKay Gregg

    Laura Kate Hrom

    Emma Johnson

    Mary Catherine King

    Kate McClain
    Alissa Menefee

    Lylah Menefee

    Mayme Mikovich

    Annaleigh Miller

    Harper Mitchell
    Lillian Claire Montgomery

    Lacy Gray Montgomery

    Caroline Moore

    Caroline Morris

    Liza Parish
    Ava Pattie

    Bella Pattie

    Emma Pattie

    Simmons Penn
    Molly Phillips

    Natalie Thieling

    Caroline Wade

    Sarah Dabney Whitehead

    Adalyn Wilson


    Purvis High School

    Kelby Wingo


    Purvis Middle School

    Ashley Harvison


    Sacred Heart Catholic School

    Samantha Alliston

    Klaire Bennett

    Landrie Blackburn
    Andie Brewer

    Karrington Commodore

    Clare Conliff

    Sarah Gallardo

    Olivia Gerald

    Olivia Graversen

    Claire Hallman

    Leighton Jones
    Genevieve Kuehn

    Bella Mauritz

    Kamisiyonna Offiah

    Somotochi Offiah

    Jordan O’Keefe

    Hannah Paterson

    Abigail Smith

    Abby Thompson


    Seminary High School

    Natalee Parker


    Seminary Middle School

    Carly Gibson


    South Jones High School

    Emma McHard


    Sumrall High School

    Anna Anderson

    Sarah Jespersen

    Kylah Johnson

    Natalie Peterson

    Katelyn Walker

    Caroline Whittington


    Sumrall Middle School

    Karsen Burton

    Bella Compton

    Laila Kitchens

    Natalie Nesler

    Hannah O’Neil

    Cayden Thornhill


    Wayne County High School

    Nakiyah McInnis


    West Jones High School

    Lindsey Cole

    Aleyah Walker

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