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Forrest General Hospital Presents the 2021 Philip W. Rogers Award Winners - Forrest Health
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    Published on December 10, 2021

    Forrest General Hospital Presents the 2021 Philip W. Rogers Award Winners 

    Cutline: Philip W. Rogers Award Recipients. (Top, Left): Mark Borganelli, MD, David Bullock, MD, Bo Hrom, MD. (Bottom, Left): Catherine Hulsey, MD, Muhammed Sattar, MD

    Cutline: Philip W. Rogers Award Recipients. (Top, Left): Mark Borganelli, MD, David Bullock, MD, Bo Hrom, MD. (Bottom, Left): Catherine Hulsey, MD, Muhammed Sattar, MD

    HATTIESBURG, Miss. – (December 10, 2021) Forrest General Hospital proudly announces the winners of the 16th annual Philip W. Rogers awards. These awards are presented to healthcare workers who exemplify commitment to the field of medicine and excellence in patient care. The award is given to individuals based on nominations received from their peers. Each winner represents one of Rogers’ most admirable characteristics – Innovator, Leader, Mentor, Advocate, and Humanitarian.


    The Innovator Award was presented to Mark Borganelli, MD, a cardiologist. Dr. Borganelli has exemplified leadership and innovation in his role in the cardiovascular unit. Dr. Borganelli has worked to build the EP program and was instrumental in working with Forrest General administration in the creation of a fifth cardiac catheterization lab and a new EP lab. This expansion has helped to accommodate the large volume of cardiac patients who depend on the quality heart and vascular services at Forrest General for life-saving diagnostics and treatment.


    The award for Leadership was given to Lewis Neese, MD, a pulmonary and critical care physician. Dr. Neese, a local “giant” in medicine, has consistently been a leader in pulmonary and critical care at Forrest General with his first priority always being to do “what is best for the patient” – a non-negotiable guide for him. He came to Hattiesburg in 1995 from the Mayo Clinic and has served as a role model for other physicians to follow.


    The Philip W. Rogers Mentor Award went to hospitalist, Muhammed Sattar, MD, who is described as the embodiment of an excellent mentor. He carries great skills and knowledge and regularly assists his colleagues to improve patient care. He has a great commitment to his work and a wonderful personality for a leader and mentor. He is supportive and has a respectful manner which helps foster personal relationships between him and his colleagues. With a great work ethic and warm bedside manner, his kindness towards his patients is exemplary and sets a great example for those around him. He is helpful, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and respectful with a calm demeanor.


    Philip W. Rogers Advocate Awards were presented to David Bullock, MD, Family Practice, and Bo Hrom, MD, hematology/oncology.


    Dr. Bullock is described as a great all around guy. His staff, patients, and the entire town of Sumrall loves him including those in surrounding areas. They appreciate his wonderful care, compassion for his patients and dedication to his practice. He is very serious about his patients’ care and often goes beyond the call of duty to make sure all of his patients are very well taken care of. The one word that sums up Dr. Bullock’s care is “devoted.”


    A caring and compassionate physician, Dr. Bo Hrom always goes the extra mile to make his patients feel important, cared for, and heard. Dealing with cancer patients all day is a challenging job, but he always delivers bad (or good) news with compassion and understanding. He plays a huge role in the lives of his patients, their families, and his co-workers. He goes above and beyond to provide the best care and treatment options for his patients. He is thankful for his employees. His patients appreciate his compassion and wonderful bed-side manner, and revel in singing his praises.


    The Philip W. Rogers Humanitarian Award was presented to Catherine Hulsey, MD, internal medicine. Dr. Hulsey seeks to promote the best outcome for her patients as well as the community Forrest General serves. She shows excellent teamwork and leadership. Her patients and their family members are her priority and focus each day, but she is also attentive to the needs of her colleagues. Known as “the glue that helps hold us together,” she is kind and uses her knowledge and dedication to help pay attention to the small details while mastering the overall bigger picture. Dr. Hulsey takes the time to show perfection in all that she does and to ensure her patients get the best care.


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