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Forrest General’s Pathology Lab Acquires New Equipment for Quicker Test Results and Expanded Options - Forrest Health
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    Published on April 10, 2019

    Forrest General’s Pathology Lab Acquires New Equipment for Quicker Test Results and Expanded Options

     Forrest General Pathology Team

    Forrest General’s Pathology Department recently acquired the new Leica BOND 111, which will enable faster turnaround time for receiving test results and add additional testing options to what the lab currently offers. 

    “This equipment will give us faster turn-around on test results as well as helping us to add new testing online. One of the first new tests we’ll offer is the PDL-1, making our lab the only one in Mississippi able to perform that test in-house. Previously, it has taken around 2 weeks to get results back. Now, we’ll get results in about two days,” said Kimberly Wright, pathology team leader.

    The PDL-1 is used to diagnose patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). This test will determine if patients meet the criteria to use the drug Keytruda, which is used in cancer immunotherapy.

     “Leica has a vision of reducing the amount of time it takes for patient clarity about their diagnosis. It’s going to greatly reduce the wait time for patients to know about their diagnosis to just a couple of days,” said Jack Heath, PhD, Leica application specialist.

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    Photographed, left to right: Nancy Smith, pathology technical assistance; Thomas Puckett, MD, Pathologist; Elizabeth Farlow, HT histotechnologist ; Kimberly Wright, Pathology Team Leader; Stephanie DeMarco, CT (ASCP), cytotechnologist; Brad Roney, CT(ASCP) cytotechnologist; Rosie Sledge, HT(ASCP) histotechnologist; Jack Heath, PhD, Leica application specialist; Lindsay Thorn, Leica product specialist

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