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Forrest General Hospital First in Mississippi to use the new Inari Medical ClotTriever Device - Forrest Health
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    Published on March 27, 2019

    Forrest General Hospital First in Mississippi to use the new Inari Medical ClotTriever Device

    Forrest General became the first hospital in Mississippi to treat deep vein thrombosis (DVT) using the Inari Medical ClotTriever device. Robert Wilkins, MD, Cardiologist, performed the procedure on Friday, March 15, 2019.

    “Forrest General made a huge step in the right direction by bringing this procedure to patients in the Pine Belt. A DVT is a life threatening condition, and having this procedure available strengthens our ability to save lives without causing some of the complications common to traditional DVT treatment options. I am proud to say that Forrest General stands out, once again, at the forefront of technology,” said Robert Wilkins, MD, Cardiologist.

    Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) describes a condition where a blood clot, also called a thrombus, forms in a deep vein, usually in the legs. A DVT is dangerous and requires immediate medical attention, because these clots may break loose and travel the bloodstream to the lungs causing pulmonary embolism. A DVT can also lead to long-lasting problems such as vein damage that can cause the leg to ache, swell, and change color.

    The ClotTriever system is designed to remove large clots from large veins via access sites as small as 6 mm. The ClotTriever does not require use of thrombolytic drugs, which carry significant risk of bleeding and are contraindicated in many patients. This means the procedure is much safer for patients than traditional DVT treatment options.

    For more information about DVT or Heart and Vascular Services at Forrest General, visit

    Pictured, left to right: David Prine, RN; Donna Holloway, RT; Bo Blanks, RN; Dr. Wilkins; Kristin Sullivan, RT; Ross Barrios, Sales Rep Inari Medical

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