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Six Children Under Seven: Balancing the Darling Chaos - Forrest Health
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    Published on November 14, 2018

    Six Children Under Seven: Balancing the Darling Chaos

    Kristen Schroder wants everyone to know she isn’t crazy. According to Kristen, it’s a question many people, close friends and complete strangers alike, ask freely after seeing her five children under the age of seven. Well, make that six children as of November 7.

    “I have friends who basically tell me I’m crazy. You know, they’ll ask, ‘have you lost your mind?’ And I’m like, ‘No, I haven’t.”

    Kristen insists that she has dreamed of having a big family her entire life. As a practicing Catholic, she describes herself as very open to life and finds her joy in caring for her family. Kristen’s relaxed attitude and bubbly laughter certainly seems joyful—not crazy.

    In a rare serious moment, Kristen explained, “There’s literally no greater joy than just being home with our children. I get messages daily saying crazy stuff like that we’re polluting the air. I think it would be great if people knew that my life is busy and it can be chaotic, but they can do it too. It’s not a burden.”

    Kristen lives her life publicly through her blog, Our Darling Chaos, and her various social media. She started blogging because of the different lifestyle questions she received and her genuine passion for telling other women about the joy of having multiple children.

    “I would say that the blog kind of found me. I was doing natural skincare online, and I started getting a lot of questions on how I do things, what baby products I use, etc. So that’s when I created Our Darling Chaos. It will be almost two years in April. I write about everything motherhood, lifestyle, kid and baby items. I try to write about things that have helped me and maybe things that have not. Soon, I’ll blog a little about our homeschooling journey, as well,” said Kristen.

    She’s also excited about partnering with Forrest General to share her blog, birth experience and advice with other moms in the Pine Belt.

    Kristen said, “I think my partnership with Forrest General is a great way to let women know about the joys of having multiple children and, most importantly, that it’s not a burden. If I can do it, anyone can. I don’t have any super powers— just a lot of love and prayer.”

    To keep up with Kristen, her husband, Bryan and their crew of six, visit You can also follow them on Instagram.

    CAPTION: Kristen with her youngest son, Maximilian

    CAPTION: Bryan and Kristen Schroder with their six children.

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