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Forrest General’s Palliative and Supportive Care hosts VITAL talk session - Forrest Health
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    Published on May 04, 2018

    Forrest General’s Palliative and Supportive Care hosts VITAL talk session

    HATTIESBURG, Miss. – (May 4, 2018) Forrest General’s Palliative and Supportive Care hosted a day-long VITAL talk session for a group of providers at Forrest General Hospital on Thursday, May 3. The opportunity to host this event was provided through funding from this past year’s Laughs 4 Life comedic event.


    Laughs 4 Life was created as a way to generate awareness and funding for both cancer research and patient-focused initiatives while at the same time bringing our community together in a truly unique way through laughter.


    “Too often a diagnosis can drain the laughter from our lives and yet it’s such a critical part of our ability to overcome obstacles and adversity,” said Kent Oliver, founder of Laughs 4 Life.


    “One of the key functions of the Palliative Care Department is offering training to other providers. When a patient is facing a serious situation, we want to ensure that our communication style is not only honest, but also empathetic and compassionate. Communication plays a major role in caring for patients in these situations, and the right kind of communication can enhance the patient-provider relationship and improve our ability to provide patient-centered care,” said Amber Chancelor, director, Palliative and Supportive Care. “This event exceeded our expectations” said Dr. Jacob Graham, medical director, Palliative and Supportive Care.


    VITAL talk is a 501c3 nonprofit organization responsible for conducting research on communication skills and educating physicians and other healthcare professionals on how best to communicate with patients and their families regarding serious illness. Their innovative, interactive clinician and faculty development courses are designed to enhance communication skills on an individual and institutional level.


    For more information about palliative care, visit

    CAPTION: Lynn O'Neill, MD, as she addresses the group as part of their VITAL Talk session.

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