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Forrest General Hospital installs state of the art newborn safety system - Forrest Health
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    Published on September 08, 2017

    Forrest General Hospital installs state of the art newborn safety system

    HATTIESBURG, Miss. (September 8, 2017) –Forrest General Hospital has recently installed a new and innovative Infant Safety System developed by CertaScan Technologies ( The proprietary system allows the hospital to capture high resolution newborn footprints which can be used for precise identification should the need arise in an emergency situation. Forrest General is the first hospital in the state of Mississippi to provide this innovative service to moms and the community it serves.


    The Newborn Safety System — which uses LiveScan Technology — has garnered the attention and praise from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and has been included as a recommendation for hospitals in its most recent Infant Security Guidelines. The System is entirely safe for use on babies and provides outstanding footprint quality. Nurses prefer the system because it is easy to use, seamless to adopt and replaces the time consuming and messy ink and paper method. The digital foot prints and security photo can be stored efficiently in the newborn’s electronic medical record. And, much like finger prints, foot prints are a biometric, unique to each baby, so they can be used for identification throughout a lifetime.


    “Implementing the CertaScan technology is the latest in a long list of new processes and additions to keep mom and babies safe while in our hospital and even after discharge in our community. Infant safety is one of our biggest concerns, and I am pleased that the hospital is able to provide another layer of protection for these families,” said Tangela Boutwell, director of Women and Children’s Services at Forrest General. 

    Each new mom receives an attractive certificate of her newborn’s footprint during her stay.  When she returns home, she can visit to enhance the certificate with colors, different fonts and borders. She can also download a digital copy of her baby’s footprint.  These additional benefits are provided as a gift from Forrest General and at no cost to moms.


    For more information about Women and Children’s Services at Forrest General, visit

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