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Forrest General Hospital hosts Impella® heart pump Mobile Learning Lab for physicians and staff - Forrest Health
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    Published on November 17, 2017

    Forrest General Hospital hosts Mobile Learning Lab for physicians and staff


    Mobile Learning Lab Showcases Impella® Heart Recovery Technology

    Hattiesburg, Miss. (November 17, 2017) Forrest General Hospital hosted the Abiomed Mobile Learning Lab on November 17. The Mobile Learning Lab is a highly interactive, facilitated learning experience brought directly to the hospital. It will offer enhanced training for experienced staff as well as provide additional training and exposure for newer staff through hands-on learning for the Impella heart pump.

    The Impella heart pump is the only therapy approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as safe and effective for heart recovery in patients with advanced heart failure requiring Protected PCI, or patients in cardiogenic shock due to a heart attack.

    “The physicians at Forrest General are committed to providing patients the highest quality care and staying up-to-date on the most current technological advances. We’ve used the Impella device here since 2015 with fantastic outcomes for patients. Training provided at the Mobile Learning Lab will ensure our staff is highly trained to effectively use the Impella heart pump, one of the most innovative cardiology technology solutions available for our patients,” said Robert Wilkins, MD, interventional cardiologist. 

    Impella, the world’s smallest heart pump, is a minimally-invasive heart pump that offers hemodynamic support for patients during certain heart procedures. It is a temporary device that assists the heart in pumping blood to the body’s vital organs, allowing it to rest and potentially recover. The Impella heart pumps are approved by the FDA to provide treatment during high-risk percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedures, and in the emergent treatment of cardiogenic shock, a condition that typically occurs during or after a heart attack.

    The Mobile Learning Lab offers cardiologists, nurses and cath lab staff at Forrest General a convenient opportunity to learn about the Impella platform and how these heart pumps can best be used for those patients in critical need of cardiac support. The Mobile Learning Lab contains various Impella simulators, animations and key information, all presented by a team of Abiomed trainers.

    The Impella platform of products were developed by Abiomed Inc., based in Danvers, Mass. 

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