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Forrest General is Mississippi’s First Blue Distinction® Center of Excellence in Maternity Care - Forrest Health
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    Published on August 01, 2017

    Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Announces Forrest General Hospital as Mississippi’s First Blue Distinction® Center of Excellence in Maternity Care

    Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi is proud to announce Forrest General Hospital as a Blue Distinction® Center+ of Excellence for Maternity Care.

    Blue Distinction Center+ of Excellence for Maternity Care designation is based on national quality criteria as well as Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi’s Maternity Quality Model. The Maternity Quality Model is designed to drive the delivery of evidence-based care for Mississippi mothers and babies before, during and after pregnancy. Key facets of designation criteria include elimination of elective deliveries before 39 weeks, achievement of Baby-Friendly Hospital Designation, implementation of safety protocols for maternal hypertension, obstetric hemorrhage and reduction of primary Cesarean births as well as other quality practices.

    "We are committed to a healthy future for Mississippians, and that future starts with healthy women and healthy pregnancies," said Dr. Sarah Broom, Medical Director at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi. "We know that working with our Network Hospitals and Providers to give our children a healthy start in life is one of the greatest gifts we can give them."

    This achievement is a result of Forrest General Hospital’s ongoing commitment to implementing quality, evidence-based care practices. Forrest General became Mississippi’s first Baby-Friendly Designated hospital in December 2015, and has continued to set the example for other Network Delivering Hospitals across the state. Forrest General Hospital is also a Blue Distinction Center+ of Excellence in cardiac care, knee, hip and spine surgery.

    “Blue Distinction from Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi gives patients peace of mind in knowing that they are choosing a healthcare provider with a proven track record of success in specific areas. We want our patients to have a positive pregnancy and delivery experience rather than be fearful and anxious about the care they will receive. Being recognized with the Blue Distinction in Maternity Care sets Forrest General apart and provides patients added reassurance in our commitment to women and children in the Pine Belt,” said Forrest Health President and CEO, Evan Dillard.

    “Blue Distinction Center+ of Excellence Designation for Maternity Care is a seal of quality care during labor, delivery and after the baby arrives. Hospitals that attain this designation practice safe, family-centered care, including encouraging breastfeeding,” said Dr. Broom. “Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi applauds Forrest General Hospital as the first Network Hospital to achieve this designation.”

    The Blue Distinction Centers+ of Excellence program recognizes Network Hospitals and their Network Physicians that demonstrate high levels of performance in delivering quality specialty care safely, efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. Blue Distinction helps to ensure that quality and cost-effective healthcare choices for improved health are what the “Value of Blue” provides to Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi members.

    For more information on Blue Distinction Centers+ for Specialty Care, please visit

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