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Up on the rooftop at Forrest General - Forrest Health
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    Published on December 20, 2016

    Up on the rooftop at Forrest General

    The tune “Up on the Rooftop” certainly rings true during the holidays at Forrest General Hospital!

    For over 35 years, patients, families and travelers passing by have enjoyed marveling at our beloved Snowman and Santa that sit on the roof of the front entrance.

    They were added to the hospital’s Christmas decorations in 1980 as a way to bring the holiday spirit to the community.

    This year, you may notice an additional Santa on 28th Avenue near the Pine Grove Bookstore, and another Snowman in front of the Cancer Center.  These smaller replicas are moved throughout our campuses each year.

    Santa and Snowman's first Christmas in 1980

    It takes a crane to get Snowman and Santa in place for the holidays. The Forrest General Engineering department rewraps the decorations with large garland every few years to keep them shining bright.

    “Last year, Santa needed a new belt. We could either have a company do it, or make it ourselves, so we decided to make it in our department,” said Terri Lynn Warden, planner and designer at Forrest General. “We truly care about these decorations and invest time in them because of what a staple they are to our community.”

    “We hear so many stories about people driving by to see our characters, and we’re honored that our traditions have become a part of so many Pine Belt families’ holiday traditions,” said Millie Swan, Chief of Marketing and Medical Staff Services. 

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