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Comment regarding phone outage at Forrest General Hospital - Forrest Health
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    Published on November 02, 2016

    Comment regarding phone outage at Forrest General Hospital

    HATTIESBURG, Miss. – (November 2, 2016) Below is a comment from Doug Jones, chief operating officer at Forrest Health, regarding the hospital phone outage:


    “We have two phone switches that service the main facility, and we had a failure of one of those phone switches due to a power fluctuation that impacted our main hospital lines. Currently, people outside the organization are unable to reach the hospital on our main number or may not be able to directly dial to patient rooms or some departments of the hospital. However, we do have emergency phones strategically placed throughout the facility in case of such a failure as well as cellular phones, and all of those back-up systems continue to work. We are currently undertaking repairs to the phone switch that failed. We expect some restoration of those services within an hour.”

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