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    Published on August 14, 2015

    Forrest General Hospital hosts open house with demonstration at new Simulation Center


    Hattiesburg, Miss. (August 13, 2015) – Forrest General Hospital held an open house on August 13, 2015 to debut their new state-of-the-art, educational Simulation Center. This hallmark Simulation Center, is located within the hospital’s Education Department, aims to improve patient care and safety, provide learning opportunities, and gain access to the reality of critical thinking scenarios…all while enhancing the competency level of employees—physicians, nursing staff, and professional staff members alike.

    The Simulation Center aims to replicate the hospital’s many diverse clinical and non-clinical environments, including disaster preparation, patient and visitor interactions, and emergent, critical patient procedures.

    “By opening the Simulation Center, we are focusing on improving our patient care by creating learning opportunities for our staff. This will allow more access to scenarios that are simply too difficult to teach in a classroom setting. The improvement of performance standards will establish and build a more beneficial and sustainable healthcare environment, both for our employees and patients,” said Director of Education, Ka Russum.

    The high-tech simulation laboratory is one of the first in Mississippi outside of the medical school and military environment.

    Features include:

    • A women and children’s simulation lab, featuring a labor and delivery suite for newborn care
    • Llife-like manikins, specifically a Laerdal 3G Sim Man and a birthing manikin;
    • Video and still cameras for post-simulation review and training; and
    • An operating room which can adapt to individual students’ needs.

    The high-tech Laerdal manikins, which were purchased through the Family Medicine Residency Program grant, offer education and teaching opportunities for the entire Forrest General and Hattiesburg communities. The Simulation center provides a safe environment to evaluate employee competencies, especially in high risk clinical areas such as Labor and Delivery. “This is definitely the best thing in a long time that has happened to Nurse Education,” said Kim Davis, patient care manager of Labor and Delivery.

    At the open house, employees from all fields were treated to two demonstrations using the Laerdal manikins. The first was a come and go demonstration where visitors could interact with the “Sim Man,” who can answer questions about his condition and exhibit a wide range of symptoms from blue lips to seizure.

    For the second demonstration, everyone gathered in the delivery area for a simulated birth using the “Sim Mom.” The delivery simulation can be set up to demonstrate a variety of medical emergencies.

    According to Russum, “We have placed manikins and furniture in the Simulation Center – it looks like real patient rooms.” Cameras and microphones have been installed and will be used to record and play back simulations for debriefings following an exercise.  “We will also be able to display live simulations for viewing in our education classrooms,” said Russum.

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