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Holiday Reading Tour - Forrest Health
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    Published on November 30, 2015

    Forrest General Hospital announces holiday reading tour  

    This holiday season, Forrest General Hospital will promote literacy and positive self-image with a reading tour. Elementary students in the Pine Belt will enjoy the heartwarming story, Forrest the Little Deer. The book encourages conversations between students and educators revolving around themes such as serving others and the importance of being yourself.

    “We wanted to think of something exciting we could do for children, not just for the holidays, but year round. Forrest the Little Deer seems like an excellent way to promote reading and education. We hope children will relate to Forrest so that we can use him to deliver positive messages about total wellness in the future,” said Michael Marks, public relations coordinator.

    Forrest General launched Prancing through the Pinebelt: A Reading Tour by donating a hardcover copy of the little deer’s story, Forrest the Little Deer, to each of the Little Free Libraries. Little Free Libraries are located in and around the Hattiesburg area. Next, Forrest will dash off to visit elementary schools in the community from December 1 through December 14 leaving a copy of Forrest the Little Deer everywhere he goes.

    “I’m sure many of the children we will reach were born at Forrest General, and I think it will be a special treat for them to go on an adventure with Forrest. We care deeply about children, and this is a way to provide them something special and positive during the holiday season. Plus, we are excited to provide books to the Free Little Libraries as well as school libraries so the story can continue to be enjoyed,” said Millie Swan, chief marketing & medical staff services officer at Forrest General.

    For more information about Prancing through the Pine Belt: A Reading Tour, contact Michael Marks at 601-288-1319 or via email at

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