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The Forrest GeneralFoundation Receives a $200,000 gift from South Mississippi Home Health Foundation and Deaconess Home Care - Forrest Health
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    Published on September 16, 2014

    The Forrest General Healthcare Foundation Receives a $200,000 gift from South Mississippi Home Health Foundation and Deaconess Home Care and Hospice employees

    The Forrest General Healthcare Foundation Receives a $200,000 gift from South Mississippi Home Health Foundation and Deaconess Home Care and Hospice employees


    HATTIESBURG, Miss. – (September 16, 2014) The Forrest General Healthcare Foundation’s Asbury Hospice House capital campaign received a $200,000 donation today from South Mississippi Home Health Foundation and Deaconess Home Care and Hospice employees.


    The funds will be used to support the Forrest General Healthcare Foundation’s commitment to a $5 million dollar community fundraising campaign to give families an opportunity to be a part of a place that offers special comfort in South Mississippi.


    “We recognize the need for inpatient hospice care in our community and are pleased to partner with the Forrest General Healthcare Foundation and Forrest General Hospital by making this donation to the Asbury Hospice House capital campaign. We look forward to the home opening in the fall of 2015 to serve our community,” said Mary Stainton, South Mississippi Home Health Foundation Board President.


    South Mississippi Home Health Foundation was founded in 1987.


    “Deaconess, which evolved from South Mississippi Home Health, has always been a provider of quality home hospice care. Their financial support of the Asbury Hospice House has extra meaning to the Forrest General Healthcare Foundation,” stated Bill Oliver, president, Forrest General Healthcare Foundation. “The donation helps express how important this unique project is to all the residents of south Mississippi. This type of collaboration is certainly a great sign for the ultimate success of this new facility. We are proud to recognize their gift as a sign of continued leadership in our healthcare community.”


    The Asbury Hospice House will be built on South 40th Avenue near the Hattiesburg Post Office on nearly five acres of land donated by Susan Thomson and her brother, John Thomson. The property is surrounded with pines and other native trees and plants and will provide a serene environment for patients and those visiting or staying with them. When completed, the new hospice house will provide a peaceful, home-like setting where staff can address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each patient and family. When stepping into the home, families will find meditation rooms, a chapel, serenity gardens, spacious patient rooms, dining area and kitchen facilities and children’s play areas – all of the comforts of home, designed to provide for every aspect of care that a family may need when facing the terminal illness of their loved one.


    “We are blessed to live in a community that offers the absolute finest in health care availability. The Pine Belt and south Mississippi has long been recognized as an area that affords individuals excellence in health care in a broad range of specialties,” said Frank McWhorter, chairman, Forrest General Healthcare Foundation. “I believe that the missing link in our health care community is a Hospice Home where the end of life experience offers a place of solitude and dignity to patients and their families. We are pleased to announce this generous support from Deaconess and look forward to breaking ground in early October.”


    “With the help of the Foundation’s volunteers, hospital employees, community support and donations like this one, we are proud to have the South Mississippi Home Health Foundation and Deaconess Home Care and Hospice employees join us in helping build a facility that will allow us to realize our vision of providing exceptional care and improving the quality of life for terminally ill patients and their families,” said Evan Dillard, president and CEO of Forrest Health.


    Hospice care is provided for those with a limited life expectancy and focuses on making patients as free of pain and comfortable as possible while improving their quality of life. Hospice staff members work hand-in-hand with palliative care nurses and physicians who focus on the unique needs of a patient facing a terminal illness. The Pine Belt is in need of a facility like the Asbury Hospice House to help with those patients who need around-the-clock care but may not have caregivers who can provide that at home. For such patients, the hospice house will be a beautiful place to spend their last weeks or days surrounded by family, friends and caring physicians and staff who are experts in hospice care.


    Melita Miller, director of Forrest General Home Care and Hospice, also commented on the donation and project. “I would like to give special recognition to Deaconess Home Care and Hospice for the generous gift to the Forrest General Healthcare Foundation. This special donation will be a great benefit to the Asbury Hospice House. We are looking forward to having such a wonderful facility within our community to benefit all patients at the end of life with care that will enhance quality of life and provide comfort, compassion, and dignity.”


    For more information on giving opportunities, please contact the Forrest General Healthcare Foundation at 601-288-4396 or visit www.FGHFoundation.com.

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