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    Antibody Tests for Lupus

    Topic Overview

    Antibody tests are a set of blood tests that check for specific antibodies to help clarify the diagnosis of lupus. They include:

    • Anti-dsDNA (antibodies to DNA).
    • Antinuclear antibody (ANA)
    • Anti-RNP.
    • Anti-Smith (Sm).
    • Anti-SS-A (also called Ro).
    • Anti-SS-B (also called La).

    These antibody tests are often positive in lupus and can provide support for a diagnosis if the clinical criteria are unclear or if the ANA test is negative but lupus is strongly suspected.

    • Anti-SS-A (Ro) and anti-SS-B (La) antibodies are not specific for lupus and are found commonly in Sjögren's syndrome. But these tests are useful in helping women with lupus who are considering pregnancy. If a woman who has these antibodies becomes pregnant, she may need more careful monitoring of the fetus, since these antibodies are associated with a higher risk of the baby being born with neonatal lupus syndrome or a heart defect called congenital heart block.
    • High titers of anti-dsDNA are usually seen only in people who have lupus.
    • A positive anti-Sm test is a specific marker for lupus.

    Anti-dsDNA tests can be repeated at intervals to monitor how the disease is progressing.


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