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    Past Projects

     In just a few short years, The Forrest General Healthcare Foundation has been able to complete several projects with assistance from our generous contributors.  We invite you to take a look at some of our successes and check back soon as we add more and more.  With your support this Foundation is ready to touch the lives of so many here in South Mississippi and beyond.  Remember, our successes are your successes because they only happen with your support.

    Asbury Hospice House

    Asbury Hospice House

    At life’s end, the idea of care circles around a different philosophy.  While we all seek the familiarity of home and family, in many circumstances, a patient’s needs dictate the shape and nature of care.  Hospice is just such a philosophy, symbolizing all that is life-affirming–in every setting.

    Forrest General Hospital has been providing comprehensive, leading in-home hospice care to end-of-life patients for years.   Understanding the complexity of care, FGH plans to create an in-patient hospice facility with a view to expanding our continuum of care.

    We envision an in-patient facility that mirrors home by creating a warm, comforting atmosphere where families can gather and prepare in dignity.  In cases where a patient chooses not to die at home or where a qualified caregiver doesn’t exist, an in-patient facility would provide needed support.  In-patient hospice offers elderly caregivers an excellent care option as well.

    Far from a clinical atmosphere, we envision large rooms with a private bath where a patient is encouraged to bring personal belongings.  Patients and families can wander outside to gardens, to a library, a chapel or a resource center.  Preserving connections, the facility would provide spiritual services and internet access so families can keep in touch.  Working in tandem with our existing program, the facility would offer respite to those homebound hospice caregivers.

    Specialized, interdisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals will provide physical, emotional and spiritual support while easing pain and managing symptoms.

    Today, we have no local options for families.  The nearest in-patient hospice program is located 90 miles from Hattiesburg, making it difficult to arrange daily visits.

    The Asbury Hospice House will change this.

    Giving Opportunities

    The Foundation will use 100 percent of your donation to complete the Asbury Hospice House. We will place donations in excess of the amount needed in an endowment fund to support maintenance and growth needs of the facility.

    • Patient Care Wings – $500,000 each (1 of 2 left)

    • Kitchen – $75,000

    • Conference Room – $50,000

    • Garden/Landscaping –$50,000

    • Meditation Garden – $50,000

    • Patient Rooms – $50,000 each (6 of 12 left)

    • Charting Alcoves - $15,000 (1 of 4 left)

    • Family Canteen – $15,000 

    NICU Renovation Project

    Rooftop Terrace

    The Terrace has been made possible through the generosity of many donors to the Forrest General Healthcare Foundation. It is the hope of the Foundation and its donors that many parents and families will be able to find moments of rest and peace during their hospital stay.

    NICU Webcams

    With generous donations from family and friends of Cecilia C. Duhon along with the Forrest General Healthcare Foundation, the NICU WebCam System was able to be purchased.

    Each NICU bed is equipped with a webcam so parents can stay connected with their newborns.  It also provides a way for loved ones that are too small or too far away to see your newest little addition.

    This secure service is free to NICU families and can be accessed through a username and password provided on written consent.  If you have access to the internet, you can see your baby from anywhere.  

    The webcams do not take the place of visits and the hands-on care parents can provide.  We understand that parents are an important part of the care giving team.

    NICU Waterless Milk Warmers

    With the generous donations from Forrest General Hospital employees and community donors to the Forrest General Healthcare Foundation, the Waterless Milk Warmers were able to be purchased for the Forrest Health’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Forrest General Hospital.

    Our healthcare professionals understand the risks that are associated with warming human milk in water.  That risk is now eliminated and the safety benefits of our warmer go even further.  With just a few simple steps, the Waterless Milk Warmer warms milk to temperatures consistent with expressed human milk.  It safely thaws human milk to refrigerated temperatures in less than 33 minutes for storage up to 24 hours. 

    “We are very grateful and excited to have the Waterless Milk Warmers in our NICU.  These warmers are instrumental in making sure that our patients are getting the proper temperature of breastmilk for their feedings,” Patient Care Manager, NICU and Pediatrics Leigh Ann Leonard, RN.

    McMullan Plaza

    McMullan Plaza

    Officials unveiled The Paul McMullan Circle of Healing Plaza and sculpture as a part of the Pine Grove Spiritual Grounds project, representing the organizations’ promise to positively affect lives. This unique project and piece of art exists through the dedication of Pine Grove and Forrest General to heal patients and families, as well as enrich the Hattiesburg community. As Phase I of the Pine Grove Spiritual Grounds, the Paul McMullan Plaza and sculpture will serve as the introduction to future elements of a spiritual sanctuary where art and nature converge. Future elements include a labyrinth, glass chapel, bell towers, water feature, fire pit and meditation area.

    For more information on the Pine Grove Spiritual Grounds project and to learn how to contribute to this unique project, call the Forrest General Healthcare Foundation at 601-288-4396.

    Woullard Chapel

    Woullard Chapel

    Recently employees and visitors noticed additional work on a corner of the first floor main hallway as the Woullard Chapel received a new look! Following a request from Pastoral Services and Engineering staff, the Forrest General Healthcare Foundation adopted the project using funds donated by employees during the employee campaign and at other times during the year. This renovation included a beautiful new interior design featuring new upholstery, carpets and paint, coordinated by Terri Lynn Warden, as well as a beautiful new stained glass window. Special thanks go to a focus group made up of employees from across the hospital who worked diligently to provide input on the renovation and choose the design of the new window. The focus group consisted of Chuck Pierce, ED; Marcus Gatlin, Lab; Howard Nobles, 4T; Desmond Jones, Registration; Teresa Favre, Patient Care Services; Brian Williamson, Pastoral Services, and Betty Bly Hatten, ED.

    Meditation Area

    Meditation Area

    Sitting quietly in a corner of the busy intersection of Richburg Road and 28th Avenue Extension, a wooded area at the edge of Pine Grove’s campus is showing signs of change. Cleared brush and marked trees offer the promise of continued evolution and exciting things to come, situated next to the beautiful McMullan Plaza – the first component of the Spiritual Grounds at Pine Grove. A community space that encourages healing, the Spiritual Grounds symbolizes connections – to self, to each other, and to the community. Existing through the dedication of Pine Grove to heal patients and enrich the Hattiesburg community, the Spiritual Grounds is one of three projects being supported by the Forrest General Healthcare Foundation – an organization committed to uphold Forrest General’s vision and mission for today and for the future.

    For more information on the Pine Grove Spiritual Grounds project and to learn how to contribute to this unique project, call the Forrest General Healthcare Foundation at 601-288-4396.