Where is Hattiesburg?

The ‘Hub City’ is located in the heart of Southern Mississippi. It is an almost equidistant drive from Mobile, New Orleans, Jackson, and the Gulf Coast. One can be in any of these locations within an hour and 45 minutes.

What are the demographics of the patients we serve?

Though our residents are exposed to a variety of ethnicities, the majority our patients are african-american, caucasian, or hispanic.

What extras are provided beyond our salary?

Residents are given a host of benefits outside of their actual salary. For the most updated information on this subject, please see our benefits page.

What are the benefits of being an ‘unopposed hospital?’

Because their are no other residencies at Forrest General our residents have greater responsibility in managing pediatric, OBGYN, and surgery patients which enhances the educational value of these rotations. Our residents get all of the great cases.

What is our call schedule?

As an intern you will have no overnight calls. The day call schedule varies based on the rotation. Our residents have overnight call responsibilities one weekend out of each month.

How much personal/family time do our resident’s get?

Residents get 20 days of paid time off per year., including vacation time.

Where do most residents live?

Different places. Some of our residents (and faculty) live in lofts downtown. Others choose to buy houses closer to the hospital and the campus of the university or in west Hattiesburg or Petal where homes are very affordable. One even chose to buy a home in the country outside of Hattiesburg.

What schools are in the Hattiesburg area?

In Hattiesburg proper there is the Hattiesburg public school system and Hattiesburg High School. There are also two K-12 private schools, Sacred Heart,  and First Presbyterian along with Benedict Day School. Just outside of the City are the communities of Petal and Oak Grove, each with excellent public schools.

What moonlighting opportunities are available?

Residents are allowed to moonlight ‘in-house’ during their second year once they have attained a medical license and DEA. As a third year resident they are allowed to moonlight outside of Forrest General.

How mch OB training is there?

Interns spend 1 month on the Forrest General labor and delivery service and 1 month on the rural obstetrics service in Waynesboro Mississippi. This is in addition to 1 month of gynecology as a second year. More experience is available via electives.

How are resident-faculty interactions?

This is one of the strong points of our residency, as residents work very closely with faculty and staff in guiding the program. We as faculty understand that residents are ‘in the trenches’ and have a better understanding of the changes that need to be made to improve their educational experience.

What do the residents do for fun?

Hattiesburg itself offers a lively nightlife including downtown life with bars, restaurants, festivals, the Saenger theatre, coffee shops, art and antique stores, a famous local comic book shop. Downtown Hattiesburg also abuts the leaf river offering canoing, fishing, and camping.  Downtown hattiesburg also offers a running club, trivia and bingo at local watering holes. Every wednesday night residents and faculty get together for Trivia at the Thirsty Hippo in downtown Hattiesburg. For athletes Hattiesburg offers the Red Bean Running club, Pine Belt Pacers and a bicycle club headquartered at historic Moore’s bycicle shop accross the street from the Hattiesburg Zoo and Kemper park, also located downtown and 3 minutes from the Hospital. The longleaf trace stretches 40 miles beginning in downtown Hattiesburg. There is also tremendous hunting and fishing opportunities. 

Is research required?

We do require scholarly activities from our residents, but depending on your interests this may involve research or quality improvement projects.

Is there a resident retreat?

In addition to a Fall Cookout, Christmas Party, and Spring Party, we also do have a yearly summer resident retreat to the Gulf Coast and Ship Island.

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