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Scholar Athlete Awards - Forrest Health
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    Forrest General Hospital, Hattiesburg Coca-Cola and The Orthopedic Institute are proud to announce the 24th Annual High School/Junior High/Middle School Scholar Athlete Awards!

    We are excited to include your scholar athletes in this year’s local Hall of Fame! The date has been set for Friday, April 13 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Southern Oaks located at 1246 Richburg Road in Hattiesburg.

    For schools without a separate junior high/middle school (Forrest County Agricultural, Lamar Christian School, North Forrest, Presbyterian Christian School and Sacred Heart) you may send 9th graders as your junior high recipients. We need the cooperation of all Forrest and Lamar County high school, junior high school, and middle school principals and athletic directors to make this event a complete success.

    The basic idea is simple: each school will recognize one male and one female high school scholar athlete (high school recipients must be juniors or seniors) and one male and one female junior high athlete recipient (junior high/middle school recipients must be 8th or 9th graders).

    The method of choosing your recipients is up each school.

    The following is a list of potential criteria in choosing your recipients:

    • Method of selection can be devised by each school individually.
    • Recipients must be from the present upper classes of each school (i.e. high school recipients must be juniors or seniors; junior high/middle school recipients must be 8th or 9th graders).
    • Minimum grade average of 90 (based on overall average through the most recent complete grading period). Please use numbers grades not letters (For example, 89 instead of B).
    • Solid citizenship record.
    • Recipient must be a regular on at least one of the school’s Mississippi High School Athletic Association’s recognized sports teams. Cheerleading is not recognized as an MHSAA Sport.
    • Must not have received this award in previous years.

    There is no cost to you, the award recipients, or their guests. The luncheon is being sponsored entirely by Forrest General Hospital, Hattiesburg Coca-Cola and The Orthopedic Institute in honor of your student athletes.

    There are two forms that need to be filled out for each student:

    1. Student information form, which can be filled out by the student or their parent/guardian.

    2. School information form, which is to be filled out by a school administrator or coach.

    Note: The forms can be filled out online, or you may download them and return via email, mail or fax. The forms are located at the bottom of this page.

    Please ask your two nominees to fill out the appropriate form completely, and let them know that this information will be used during the presentation of their awards.

    Please let them know that they will receive three invitations, one for themselves, and two family members or guests of their choice. They will be responsible for delivering these invitations to their guests. The superintendent, principal, your school’s athletic director and one coach, who coached the scholar athlete in the sport for which he or she is being recognized, will also receive invitations.

    Official photos will be taken of each scholar athlete and will be made available to you on Forrest General’s Facebook page after the luncheon. It is not necessary for you to bring personal cameras to the event. Sunday attire is recommended for participants. Jeans, shorts, flip flops, etc. are not acceptable dress for this event that will include media exposure for your school district.

    Students and Parents

    Students and/or parents: Click the button below to fill out the information to be provided by the student.

    Student Information Form

    Administrators and Coaches

    Administrators and/or Coaches: Click the button below to fill out the information to be provided by the coach or school administrator.

    School Information Form




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