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    Whether you're a retiree wanting to give back to the community, a student hoping to fulfill a service requirement or you simply desire to help others during your free time, there's a wide array of opportunities for volunteering at Forrest General.

    Forrest Health volunteers help in almost every department within the hospital. There are direct and indirect ways to participate in patient care. From interacting directly with patients to performing clerical duties, volunteers work in many ways to deliver the highest quality care possible. To become a volunteer complete the form below.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    ER Care Partners

    Students are assigned to attend to our families and patients in the Emergency Department.  This gives our students the opportunity to gain some valuable experience in the healthcare environment.  This program is solely focused on enhancing the patient’s experience.


    Students enrolled at our local universities have the opportunity to round on our patients and families.  Our students document and follow up on any issues that may arise.  They communicate to the patient care manager when needed or the patient advocate.  Students take the time to talk to our families, assist them with needs, such as ensuring their bed is adjusted appropriately, making sure the call light is within reach, offer extra pillows and blankets, and help maintain ER inventory par levels.


    Volunteer Ambassadors are assigned to one of the many entrances of Forrest General Hospital. The primary focus is to welcome and provide our customers with resources during their time with us.  From escorting visitors and families, obtaining and/or requesting transport assistance, to providing general information about hospital events and amenities, our Ambassadors work hard to take care of our customers. This position takes a unique individual who is willing to learn about our organization in order to meet the needs of those we serve.  It requires someone who is mature, friendly and outgoing, and be able to walk and stand for extended periods.

    Information Host/Hostess

    The information host/hostess complements and enhances the patient experience by providing guest services to families and visitors.  Greets and provides general information to families and visitors in order to help them navigate throughout the organization.  Excellent telephone, oral communication, and greeting skills required.  Must be willing to learn and use patient navigator software. Excellent position for someone who is high energy and enjoys being around and serving others.

    Patient Rounding

    This is a great way to be involved directly on the patient care units. Volunteers visit with patients, engaging them in conversation to promote improved patient care. This is a great opportunity for students who are considering a career in healthcare to gain some valuable experience or for someone who simply has a desire to make others feel loved and cared for.


    Greeters are assigned to an Information Desk and assist our patient family members, visitors, and friends with directions to all locations within the hospital. They will personally escort our guests to the correct department/location. This is a great opportunity for someone comfortable with starting up conversations and has a high level of energy.  Must be able to stand for long periods of time and walk extended distances throughout organization.

    Cancer Center

    Cancer Center volunteers assist patients in wheelchairs, visit with patients and families and listen to patients' needs and forward any helpful information to the cancer center staff. Other duties are to fold gowns, make coffee, file charts and straighten and organize the reading materials in the lobby.

    Music Therapy

    This volunteer position is very unique and requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy.  Teaming with the Palliative & Supportive Care Coordinator, music therapists create a therapeutic and supportive environment which taps into non-verbal processes to facilitate emotional, physical and mental change.  Those interested in this opportunity need to be able to work independently and have excellent interpersonal skills.

    Volunteer Minister, Pastoral Services

    Volunteer ministers serving with Pastoral Services provide non-sectarian, multi-denominational spiritual support to all patients and their family members as needed. Volunteers working in conjunction with the Pastoral Services department may be called upon to provide visits to patients and family members who may be struggling with spiritual/transcendence issues, pre and post-surgery visits and support, pastoral care visits, bereavement support, and pastoral care of patients and families who may not have affiliations with local faith community groups and/or churches.

    Office/Clerical Support

    Volunteers who donate time in the main office assist with copying and filing, answering phones, project assemble, running errands throughout the organization, and entering data. Our volunteers also help deliver flowers, mail and gifts to our patients and families. This is a position for someone who has a can-do attitude, excellent communication skills and loves helping and being around people.


    When you help someone in need, you receive many personal rewards. Forrest General Hospital offers several additional benefits for adult volunteers:

    • Complimentary meal when working
    • Convenient parking
    • Free yearly flu vaccination
    • Complimentary turkey during the holiday season
    • Invitations to the hospital's special events
    • Volunteer service awards
    • References for school or employment

    Short-term Volunteers

    From time-to-time, the hospital has special events and projects that require a little extra help. If you are looking for a one-time service project, Forrest General may be the place for you.

    To find out more about the volunteer program, contact Volunteer Services at 601-288-4449 or send an e-mail.