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Student Programs - Forrest Health
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    Student Programs

    With the continued concern regarding the COVID – 19 virus, student and volunteer programs will be suspended until further notice. We will update this page as soon as the volunteer restrictions are lifted.

    Welcome to our Student Volunteer Programs. These specific programs are a great avenue for students who are seeking career path experience as well as the opportunity to meet community service requirements.

    These programs provide students:

    • An opportunity to gain experience and learn new skills that will be directly transferable to a student’s chosen career.
    • An opportunity to achieve community service requirements.
    • An opportunity to gain confidence in service orientation, social skills, teamwork, oral communication, ethical responsibility to self and others, reliability and dependability.
    • An opportunity to develop culture competence. Working with people of different ages, backgrounds, cultures or values help students learn both about others and about themselves and prepares them for a diverse workplace.
    • An opportunity for networking and developing relationships with people who may help them connect with others when beginning their job search and who would be willing to write a reference

    Students are selected through application and interview and are required to attend orientation and training before serving in their selected programs.


    Recognize your student leaders and help them take their leadership to the next level by nominating them for an Ambassador or an ER Care Partner position at Forrest General Hospital. Based on your nomination, your student’s will have the opportunity to receive a personal invitation into our program. To nominate a student email the students name, contact information and a brief description of what leadership qualities make this student a good candidate for our program. Please include any examples of their leadership skills.

    We thank you for being a positive influence in your students' lives and inspiring them to reach for a brighter future.


    Please nominate students at least 18 years old who demonstrate outstanding leadership potential, commitment and exemplary citizenship. Students will be given the opportunity to earn community service hours as well as network and represent Forrest General Hospital.

    Please consider each student's overall aptitude for achievement, their ability to take initiative and make decisions that can effect positive change, as well as their continued growth and progress within their desired career path.

    Questions and to nominate contact Lori Roseberry 601-288-4449 email Lori.roseberry@forrestgeneral.com

    Download a nomination form.


    The Student Ambassador Leadership Program compliments and enhances the patient care experience by providing guest service support to patients, their families and visitors. Student Ambassadors are assigned to one of the many entrances of Forrest General Hospital. The primary focus is to greet and welcome all who enter the doors of Forrest General, those who are traveling the hallways seeking information, as well as be a resource for those we serve. From escorting visitors and families, obtaining and/or requesting transport assistance, to providing general information about hospital events and amenities, our Student Ambassadors work hard to take care of our customers.

    The Ambassador program is open to students of all majors. Ambassadors are asked to serve a weekly three hour shift for a minimum of thirty six hours per semester. Each session is a twelve week commitment. Holiday Ambassadors serve for six weeks. Students are encouraged to serve for more than one session. An Ambassador is a unique individual who is willing to learn about our organization in order to meet the needs of those we serve. It requires someone who is mature, friendly, outgoing, and must be able to walk and stand for extended periods.

    Student Ambassadors are identified by green blazers, which help to easily identify them to our customers. Some of the tasks/criteria of the program include:

    • Ability to communicate clearly.
    • Be energetic, friendly, and outgoing.
    • Must have an ease with starting conversations.
    • Welcome and greet our visitors and families.
    • Assist with directions; help our families to navigate the halls of Forrest General.
    • Escort visitors and families to their requested designations in a timely but safe manner.
    • Function as support staff to our Information Desk.
    • Must be at least 18 to serve in this program.
    • Complete orientation and commit to minimum of volunteer hours required per session.
    • Requires appropriate attire. No jeans, shorts, flip flops, or t-shirts.
    • All students are required to obtain a TB draw (provided by FGH) provide a teacher reference and agree to hospital policies.

    Program Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00a.m.-5:00p.m.

    Apply Online

    ER Care Partners

    The Student ER Care Partner Program compliments and enhances the patient care experience by providing comfort measures to our families and patients in the Emergency Department. ER Care Partners are assigned to the Blue and Orange Patient Care Areas rotating through the Emergency Department as contributing members of the care team. Student volunteers will round on our patients and families, taking the time to communicate, assisting them with needs, such as ensuring the call light is within reach and understanding how to use it, adjusting bed height when necessary, offering pillows, blankets, and adjusting lighting if appropriate for their care. Working closely with the nursing staff, students play an integral part in the patient’s experience by documenting their encounter and following up on issues or concerns which may arise. Volunteers are asked to serve a weekly shift per session. Sessions are for twelve weeks.

    The goal of the ER Care Partner program is to provide patients and families with an additional resource person who, without clinical responsibilities, can take the time to clearly convey and repeat information from the ED staff.

    Some of the tasks/criteria to be a part of the program include:

    • Ability to communicate clearly.
    • Must be friendly and have an ease with starting conversations.
    • Must be able to function under pressure and in sensitive situations.
    • Must be able to work with people of different ages, backgrounds, cultures and/or values.
    • Must be able to take directions and work independently.
    • Requires appropriate attire. No jeans, shorts, flip flops, or t-shirts.
    • Must be at least 18 to serve in this program.
    • Complete orientation and commit to minimum of volunteer hours required per session
    • All students are required to obtain a TB draw (provided by FGH), provide a teacher reference and agree to hospital policies

    Program Hours: Monday – Saturday 8:00a.m.-10:00p.m.

    Apply Online

    If you have a question concerning student programs contact:

    Lori Roseberry
    Manager, Student Programs
    Volunteer & Guest Services|
    Phone: 601-288-4449 Fax; 601-288-4209

    Vicky M. Buxton, Director
    Volunteer & Guest Services
    Pastoral Care, Mail Services, FGH Canteen
    Phone: 601-288-4214 Fax: 601-288-4209




    A Board of Trustees appointed by the Forrest County Board of Supervisors is charged with the oversight of Forrest Health. The system is completely self supporting and does not operate on local taxes.
    Forrest Health facilities are approved by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for participation in Medicare and Medicaid Programs.