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Nurse Residency Program - Forrest Health
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    Nurse Residency Program

    The one-year Nurse Residency Program is an opportunity for RNs to pursue their nursing profession in a supportive environment. Nurses with current Mississippi RN licenses and with six months or less of hospital nursing experience as an RN will join the Nurse Residency Program once they have applied and accepted a position as an RN at Forrest General. Nurses in the Nurse Residency Program will still be compensated as an RN and are considered full-time employees. 

    Forrest General Hospital is strongly committed to its Nurse Residency Program, which ensures that our nurses do not start their journey alone but are nurtured as they develop their skills and grow as a nurse. 

    By focusing on both clinical practice and leadership development, Forrest General helps new nurses build confidence and clinical competency, which translates to improved quality care for our patients and a positive patient and employee experience.

    Program Goals and Objectives

    • Transition successfully from novice to competent professional nurse 
    • Develop clinical skills and abilities to provide quality, evidence-based care 
    • Develop critical thinking and decision-making skills 
    • Encourage commitment to life long learning


    • Graduation from ADN / BSN accredited nursing program 
    • Current Mississippi RN license 
    • Six months, or less, hospital nursing experience as an RN 
    • Accepted position as a Registered Nurse at Forrest General Hospital 

    Program Components

    • Program Coordinator 
    • Program Facilitators 
    • Preceptors 
    • In-depth educational sessions and discussions with fellow residents, experienced nurses, physicians, and other key hospital personnel. 
    • Simulation/Debriefing Sessions 
    • Evidenced-Based Practice Project 
    • Interdisciplinary Team Building 
    • Professional Role and Development 
    • Case Studies 
    • Role-play 

    How to Apply

    To apply for the Nurse Residency Program, apply for one of our available RN positions. Your experience will determine if you qualify for the program. 

    View Available Positions