Treatment Process

Cleanearth uses a "steam sterilization" process to treat and dispose of medical waste.  The equipment used is a "Remedy-One Rotoclave®" made by Tempico.  The Rotoclave uses a unique process that is similar to, yet more advanced than an autoclave.  Unlike an autoclave, when material is placed in a Rotoclave, it is continually rotated throughout the entire process to insure all material is evenly treated and sterilized.

After sterilization is complete, the material is unrecognizable form that can be disposed of in any subtitle D landfill. 

Cleanearth utilizes two types of waste containers - 96 gallon reusable carts and 4 ½ cubic foot disposable cardboard boxes. 

The 96 gallon carts are utilized in facilities that produce large amounts of waste and also have adequate storage space for the carts.  The 96 gallon carts are also lockable to prevent unwarranted access and spills.  These carts are also set-up to be connected to allow one person to transport multiple carts throughout a facility.

After emptied, all carts are thoroughly washed and disinfected.

The 4 ½  cubic foot disposable boxes are utilized in smaller facilities that produce minimal amounts of waste and are limited in storage capacity.  The boxes are also collapsible for easy storage until needed.